The Trendiest Colors of 2024: Your Complete List

The Color of the Year (COTY) season is officially underway! This title is awarded to colors predicted by paint companies and trend experts to be the dominant hue for the coming year. While numerous brands offer their predictions, there are usually patterns in color choices that become apparent. For instance, sage greens dominated last year, […]

Wall Art Styles You Don’t HaveTo Change Your Decor For

Finding art that adapts to your space (not the other way around) has always felt impossible. The reality is with the switch of a print, you can transform your space without having to redecorate entirely. Minimal effort with maximum reward, sounds like a win-win! Here’s how it’s done. Abstract Art  Artists like Artur Chen and Karine Grimm […]

Facts About Color SchemesYou Wouldn’t Expect

Color plays a crucial role in interior design, shaping the atmosphere and mood of a room. Ashley Manchester, a skilled designer from Studio MAK in Chicago, shares practical insights on how to leverage color to create inviting and captivating living spaces. It’s Not All About Looks… Color isn’t just about looks—it’s about how a room feels. “Color […]