If you’re living with your extended family right now, sharing space with older members of your family, then you’ll need good accessible living room design that caters to everyone’s needs. 

CReating a home where the whole family can live comfortably can be a difficult task. 

Ensuring that all family members can move around safely, sit with ease and access that aspects of the room they want to, takes a little thought and careful planning.

In this post, we’ll examine some of the accessible living room design elements you’ll need to take into account. 



One of the most important aspects of a family living room has to be the seating. 

Creating a space where all family members can relax and be comfortable is essential, and that means including sofas and armchair that suit all the family. 

For kids, try and have some small, low seating which they can access easily. It’s great for their self esteem to feel part of the family in this way. 

For older relatives, perhaps you’ll need to consider a specialist chair like riser recliners chairs from Fenetic Wellbing. 


Whilst a well designed living space usually has a great coffee table central to the room, it’s not always a practical feature. 

Too low and young children can catch the edges. 

Too large and less mobile family members have trouble manouvering around it. 

Too small it fails in its main purpose of being useful. 

So what to do?

Consider alternatives – side tables can work perfectly from a practicality point of view. Keep them tall enough to sit alongside chairs and sofas so people can access the contents easily. 

And be sure to not use thin side tables that could wobble and fall on top of the younger children. 


Fire guards are essential around the fireplace when the younger family members are present. 

If you’re designing from scratch, consider a modern styling of gas fire in the wall, meaning older relatives don’t have to bend and can easily switch it on. 

Even better, install one that has a remote control. 


It’s possible you’ll need to do away with a rug, depending on the mobility of older members and the age of your youngest children. Rugs can easily cause trips and falls. 

There are two options here:

  1. Kilim rugs are thin and often the safest type to use. 
  2. Position the edges of your rug underneath sofas and chairs to they’re not visible. 

A small rug placed as a decorative piece in one less used area of the room is another idea, but not always practical. 

Do what works for your family at a particular point in time and be prepared to be flexible, adapting to changes that occur. 


All living rooms need layers of light to make it practical and beautiful. 

For the different ages of your family consider their needs. 

Older relatives may need good task and reading lights, nothing too subtle here, to help them adjust to the dusk and night time light levels.

Touch lamps on side tables are good, as are those attached to walls. In all cases, ensure they can be switched on and off with ease. 

With toddlers and crawling babies, consider pieces that can’t be pulled or knocked over. 

For all members, Alexa controlled or Philips Hue lights are easy to manage for all the family.


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