Things To Do To Maintain Tattoo In Different Seasons

You think any season is good enough to get tattooed and flaunt your style with pride. You are mistaken. If you need to choose one season to get it placed on your body it has to be winter. It is harder to maintain your tattoo during the summer month due to harsh summer rays and the intensive sweating that make it hard to maintain tattoo. In the winter season however you are all covered and hence your tattoo heals faster and gets better maintained.

How ToMaintain Your Tattoo During The Winter Months?

Stay Moisturized:

One of the biggest factors to maintain the color of your ink during the wintertime is to keep your skin well-moisturized. Harsh winds and cold weather would dry out your skin and your tattoo will get affected by that if you do not take care to keep it moist.

Do Not Go For Bubble Bath To Avoid Irritation:

When your tattoo is in the healing process it is very sensitive and susceptible to irritation also. So, even if you are craving for a super-relaxing bubble bath, it is good to ward it off during the cold weather.

Apply Sunscreen Always:

Exposure to the sun even in the winter season can ruin the beauty of your tattoos. If you are going for winter sports. It is good to apply a thin layer of moisturizer over the area and then go out, sun rays bounce off from the snow.

How To Maintain Your Tattoo During The Summer Months?

Summer is the season when you wear cotton tops, off-shoulders, etc. and have a better chance to flaunt your tattoo but you need to take extra care during this season as your tattoos are twice as vulnerable to the distortion during these months.

Prevent Yourself From Dust, Sweat, And Sun:

All of these three are to be avoided strictly if you want to maintain your tattoo for a long time during summer. Apply sunscreen wherever you go or better still wear light and full sleeves clothes that can cover you up.

Avoid Going To Beaches:

Though you may love going there, it can prove to be risky for your tattoos. Sunlight, when gets reflected from sand, becomes twice as harmful. Sunlight direct or indirect should be avoided for maintaining your tattoo.

How to Maintain Your Tattoo During Rainy Season and Autumn?

Though rainy season would be the last choice to get tattooed but people do. The rainy season is the worst foe of tattoos as there are chances to get infected if the areas are not properly covered. Hence you need to cover the tattooed area with care to prevent it from rainwater. If it gets wet it would not heal quickly. Similarly, during the autumn season, harsh and dry winds are to be prevented.

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