Going For Colored Tattoo? Things to Remember…

Looking stunningly good with colored tattoo is easy. But, do you know that there are certain important things that you should be aware of when you are going for a colored tattoo. These important things will help you look super-cool and help you maintain your colored tattoo for a long time.

It is true that when we think about getting tattooed we contemplate design, location, and size, etc. Adding color to the tattoo is perhaps the last consideration. However, people know that color tattoos look far better than black and grey tattoos. They can add shine and brightness to the over and all design and make you stand out. Do you know that yellow ink of your tattoo lasts the longest and white is the fastest one to get faded?

Consider Your Skin-tone:

This is one of the most important factors to be considered when you choose colored tattoos. Most of the people do not have a fair skin tone and this is the reason they are okay with the white and black ink. Professionals advise too. If you think that colors would make your fair skin look more attractive, you should go for colored tattoos.

Inks Other Than Black Cost You More:

Pricing is one of the most decisive factors to consider when choosing colors. You need to know that the inks which are not black will be more expensive. More important than that for you to know is the fact that color inks are used just for filling in the spaces. Colored tattoos hence take a long time because it is a more detailed process. So, if you are short of time you should not choose this method. White inks are the most expensive and this should be used only by an experienced artist.

Colors do Fade Away:

If you think that colored tattoos are not long-lasting. You are right. Yes, a lot depends on how much you are exposed to the sun and how well you protect it but colored tattoos fade sooner. In case you are thinking about getting your tattoos removed you should know that green, yellow and orange are the colors that are resistant to the laser-removal. White ink fades of faster than any other color and does not need laser.

Do not Go for Colored Tattoos if You Lack Time:

As mentioned, colored tattooing is an intricate and detailed process hence if you have patience and an adequate amount of time; you should go in for it.

In long and short:

Get the entire thing done by an expert only if you are fond of colored tattoos. They look all the more attractive if you have a bright skin tone. Where you place your tattoo also determines its longevity. Those having dark skin, require a higher concentration of pigment and people with lighter skin takes the pigment faster. Consult an expert professional only before going for colored tattoos.