Tattoo, a Means of Inspiration

The tattoo culture has been fast catching up and it has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. The younger generation is completely in awe of this culture and we find an increasing number of individuals getting a pretty design on their body in the form of a tattoo. Each one has a different reason for getting a tattoo and may differ from another one. While some may draw inspiration from nature, others like intricate designs that are based on quotes and sayings.

Tattoo for a Reason

The younger generation is drawn to more quirky designs and likes to make it a style statement and flaunt it amongst friends and peers. As for adults, they may have various other reasons. Most of them go for mature and meaningful designs that are an extension of their personality or have a tattoo after a loved one.

Say, for example, a lady who adores her little daughter would like to get her name or image tattooed as a mark of love for her little girl. Similarly, young couples who are newly married often like to ink their beloved’s name. There are many people who are dog lovers and on losing their pet like to get a tattoo in its memory. Reasons may be plenty but what remains is the fact that tattoo is an art form which appeals to people around the world and each one wants a small part of them marked in a way that they can carry a worthwhile memory with them forever.

Different Types of Tattoo Inspirations

When it comes to tattoos there is no dearth of designs and inspirations. There are plenty of styles and designs that one can choose from. Starting from nature to wildlife to quotes, anything and everything that speaks to the client can be inked in today’s world.

Religious Tattoos – A lot of inspiration can be drawn from religious symbols and images of Gods and Goddesses, both from the west and from India. These have been in fashion for a long time and attract young and old while getting inked.

Nature Inspired Tattoos – Mostly designs of flowers, butterflies, and birds, this is another popular type of tattoo designs that are done across studios and are a favorite, especially among female clients.

Quotes And Inscriptions – Many times some people want to propagate a thought or are inspired by some life quotes, and they find inspiration in a particular saying that they want to be inked on their body. This is also a way of communicating what you feel towards life and how your outlook on a particular aspect of life is.

Animals And Wildlife – People who are in love with animals, like to get an animal inspired design to show a side of their own that relates to that animal which they choose to get inked. It is said that humans also possess some animal traits and that is the reason they are most drawn to a particular animal.

While there are many ways in which one can get the perfect tattoo design, what needs to be seen is how well it is done and whether good hygiene is exercised. After all, it is not only a design but a whole experience that you will carry with yourself forever.