Canvas Print Ideas & Inspiration

Posted by Dustin Heap

Canvas Print Ideas

Canvas prints are not only one of the most popular ways to decorate a home but also are widely used in offices, lobbies, receptions areas and a variety of other professional settings. The creative ideas for canvas prints are as diverse as the settings they are used in. With this in mind, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to canvas print ideas for all your canvas print inspiration and idea needs. Before we dive into our huge list of canvas print ideas, here’s a very quick overview of what canvas prints are and what your options consist of when printing and ordering them.

Canvas Prints – Frame Thickness & Edge Options

Canvas prints are most typically printed using personal pictures and are stretched across wooden stretcher frames. These gorgeous prints can be hung in a variety of settings on basically any rigid surface. We currently offer frame thicknesses of .75” and 1.5”, known as our standard wrap and gallery wrap options. When designing and buying your print you can also select from three different edge options. A mirrored edge mirrors your image around the entire canvas or you can have your edges all white or all black. All of these options are outlined on our canvas prints product page.    

** While not all of the ideas below are purchased canvas prints, or in some cases, not even canvas material, we’ve included as many creative ideas as possible that easily could use be used with a purchased canvas print. So regardless of the material you end up with, and whether it’s a DIY project or purchased from us, we hope these ideas help! **

Canvas Print Ideas For The Home
The home is the most common place canvas prints are used as decor. The ability to print any high-resolution picture you might have means that regardless of whether you are decorating a main living or dining room, a kids bedroom, your own bedroom, or even your entryway or kitchen; a custom canvas print will look great for your home. Check out some of the awesome canvas print ideas for different rooms as shown below.

Nursery & Kid’s Bedroom