9 Best Office Wall Decor Ideas and Where to Buy

Empty white walls and drop ceilings aren’t the most inspiring surroundings. But for many of us, that’s the reality of our workplace habitat.

We can’t all work in interior decorator designed state-of-the-art LEED certified buildings, unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the best of it with what’s available and a small amount of budget.

Luckily, with a few well-placed frame hangers, velcro tape, or bolts, (or all three), you can transform a drab, dreary office to an oasis that just might inspire your colleagues.

Read on for the best office wall decor available and where to find it:

1. Wall Art 

Whether you want to be literal and get your company logo laser cut from metal or wood, or inspiring and feature an image such as the mountain in the image below, your options are limitless. 

To buy: alleycorner.com

Framed Prints

Prints work well for cubicle walls, your desk, or the empty wall real estate around the office. Choose from quotes, landscapes, portraits of inspiring leaders, or abstract designs (or anything, really). There is no shortage of options for prints. Pro tip: buy from vendors who offer frames for a ready-to-hang package.

To buy: wallcorners.com

Original Art

If you’re working with a larger budget, original art is another way to give your office some color and life. Even if you’re limited to neutral tones, you’ll find numerous options. 

To buy: wallcorners.com or alleycorner.com


Practical, yes, but clocks can also be a statement. Display the time across your company’s global footprint, or use one for a pop of color.

Wall Decals (aka Stickers!)

Ideal for temporary offices or coworking spaces, custom wall decals can help brand your space and add personalization when you’re limited in what you’re allowed to modify in the space. 

To buy: wallcorners.com

2. Shelves

Shelves open up so many options. For instance, you can display your office’s lending library, prop up some framed prints, add a few decorative candles, or even store office supplies. 

To buy: wallcorners.com


Limited budget? Head to Alleycorners for budget floating shelves.

To buy: wallcorners.com

3. Mirrors

When you don’t want to commit to a piece of art, but still want to add a splash of something to your walls, mirrors do the trick. Try one large one to make a room seem bigger, or a series of small, detailed mirrors for a more eclectic look.

4. Plants

A touch of green adds life to your work environment. From living moss walls, to petite wall-mounted container gardens, you’ll find an option for every office decor budget.

5. Neon Signs

Another way to display your company’s name or tagline, neon signs offer customization and a bright pop of pizzazz. Even when not lit, this fun option will give your office space a unique touch. 

To buy: wallcorners.com or alleycorner.com

6. Tapestries

A perennial college favorite, tapestries offer color and wall coverage for a fraction of the price of framed art. Popular choices include maps and floral designs, but you’ll find any kind you want with a quick search (or even a custom print). 

7. Chalkboard Paint

Beyond the cool factor of dark, charcoal walls, chalkboard paint can be practical if you want to keep a running list of goals, motivational quotes, or sales quotas within easy reach of your employees. While you can paint over chalkboard paint, it’s best to do this in a space where you plan to stay for more than a short while as it does take a few coats to apply (and to later cover up). 

To buy: wallcorners.com or alleycorner.com

8. Dry Erase Board

Dry erase boards have evolved from the ones you’d find in classrooms around the country. Choose from upscale, glass options for those with the budget, or head to an office supply store for a peel and stick option. 

9. Murals or Mosaics

Similar to custom decals, you can find peel and stick murals to suit your company’s decorating style. For a pricier, more permanent option, consider hiring a local artist for a hand-painted mural or mosaic. 


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