16 Ideas of Vintage Wall Decor, Which Will Add Incredible Charm to Your Home

Not all of us are fond of vintage style. However, we have to admit that vintage and antique home adornments look very unusual and may turn even the dullest room into a cozy and charming place. And if you are a fan of antiques, you just can’t resist adding some vintage wall decor to your home.

Good news: in order to use antique wall decorations, it’s not obligatory to have a totally vintage interior. Such adornments are also brilliantly combined with traditional, rustic and shabby chic styles. So, let’s see how you can enhance the interior with the following 16 ideas of vintage accessories.

Flower Poster

Vintage Flowers Print

Vintage Flowers Print

A flower poster is very universal in its use. It can be used in various rooms and various interior design styles. It will look the best if it is placed in a gilded or distressed frame. Besides this print, you are also free to buy a great number other vintage posters with flowers on our site.

Tuscan Wall Panel Set

Tuscan Wall Panel Set

Tuscan Wall Panel Set

Surprisingly enough, but Tuscan decorations may also look vintage. This set of 9 wall panels looks chic and antique. Also, it has some features of oriental style. It will look the best as vintage kitchen wall decor or the one for living room.

Vintage Clock

Vintage Clocks

Vintage Clocks

Clock may also play the role of old fashioned wall art. You are free to buy purely vintage clocks or the ones, which are designed in retro style. The collection, consisting of several clocks, looks creative and impressing. And it’s nothing bad if all the clocks have different designs and colors.

Book Wall Decor

Book Wall Decor

Book Wall Decor

If you seek for intelligent vintage wall decor ideas, consider the ones with books. The book pages may serve as a great instrument for creating DIY adornments. Or, you may use books without tearing them apart. For instance, attach books to the wall and fold their pages beautifully.

Vintage Map Split Art

Nghệ thuật tách bản đồ cổ điển

Vintage Map Split Art

Basically, the use of old maps is even wider than any other vintage style wall decor. They can look stylish even in contemporary interiors to say nothing about retro. Instead of a classic large print of a map, you can opt for split art and have a single map divided into several pieces.

Decoupage Trays

Khay trang trí

Decoupage Tray

Decoupage accessories look fantastic as vintage bedroom wall decor as well as in nurseries, living rooms and kitchens interiors. A decoupage tray is rather an easy DIY project, which can be made in a couple of hours. However, it looks more creative than a simple decoupage picture. A kitchen or dining room is the best place for displaying such art.

Vintage Phone Decor

Áp phích điện thoại cổ điển

Retro Phone Poster

You will hardly ever use those old phones for their direct purposes. But they can serve for wall decor vintage. By placing a phone and a couple of other vintage accessories on the wall shelf, the room will look absolutely different. Instead of a phone, you can also use a print with it or a wall panting.

Vintage Shutters

Trang trí tường cửa chớp

Shutters Wall Decor

Actually, we recommend not to throw away old shutters. Believe that they can do amazing job at your vintage, shabby chic, rustic, farmhouse and even traditional home. Even if they have many signs of wear and tear, they can be used for wall adornment. Thus, old shutters can be used as a nice place for displaying your family photos.

Vintage Frame

Khung ảnh cổ điển

Vintage Photo Frame

Honestly, the choice of the vintage frames for antique wall decor is very large. Starting from distressed frames to the gilded ones, you are free to opt for the ones, which look the most harmonious with the rest of interior. For instance, the white ones of carved wood look very stylish.

Vintage Plates

Tấm cổ điển trang trí tường

Vintage Plates Wall Decor

If you want to have unusual vintage wall decorations, think about placing the collection of antique plates on the wall. Such decor is the most suitable for kitchens and dining rooms. The plates can be from the same set or be absolutely different in shapes, sizes and patterns.

Vintage Letters for Wall Decor

Chữ cổ điển trang trí tường

Vintage Letters Wall Decor

Vintage letters can be used for various ideas. They can compose your family name, words, which have a special meaning for you, as well as your favorite quotes. For example, the letters can be used to compose your baby’s name for vintage baby wall decor , to write “Welcome” on the wall near porch or to create large vintage signs wall decor.

Embroidery Hoop Decorations

Vòng trang trí tường thêu

Embroidery Hoop Wall Decor

Handmade items can serve as fantastic vintage wall hangings. If you like embroidery and crochet, mix your hobbies into a single item by using embroidery hoops for displaying doilies or some other crocheted things.

Vintage Car Poster

Vintage Car Poster

In fact, you may think that vintage car wall decor will be more suitable for men, but it’s not obligatory. A vintage car print is rather universal and can be liked by women as well. Moreover, it can be placed in many rooms from living room to bathroom.

Vintage Tapestry Wall Hanging

Tấm thảm cổ điển Treo tường

Vintage Tapestry Wall Hanging

Tapestry vintage wall art decor isn’t so widespread like the items above. It’s not so universal and can’t be used in all rooms. Usually, tapestries are placed in vintage living rooms. As to the patterns, the tapestries often feature people or animals.

Mason Jars Wall Decor

Mason Jar trang trí tường

Mason Jar Wall Decor

Mason jars have become one of the favorite accessories for homes in various styles. For example, mason jars can be attached to a piece of wood and be used for storing kitchen utensils or displaying flowers in vintage bathroom wall decor.

Vintage Lanterns

Đèn lồng cổ điển

Vintage Lanterns

In addition to antique wall art decor, think about some vintage lighting as well. For example, vintage lanterns will look very cute in entryways, kitchens, living rooms and even as a part of outdoor decor. The ones with candles look more atmospheric, but the electric lighting is also possible.

All in all, vintage wall decor is a very interesting and creative addition to interior. If you are a fan of antiques, don’t hesitate to enhancing your home with one of the listed above items.