A photo on canvas in your living room

The living room is, of course, the place to hang your photo on canvas. Whether it is a picture of your children, a beautiful holiday photo or your personal artwork, the living room is the ideal place for this. After all, you spend most of your time with your friends or loved ones here.

It might seem simple: Just drill a hole and put your canvas print on the wall. Still we have some excellent tips to hang your canvas in your living room in the best way possible. We want you to enjoy it as long as possible so that you make a jump for joy every time you look at it. Your photo on canvas in your living room should do that to you!

1. The bigger the better

Bigger means more impressive. A large canvas is a real eyecatcher in your living room. The canvas must fill up your wall properly. Do not be afraid to put an extra large size on your wall. A mistake is quickly made by using a too small canvas on a large empty wall.

2. Do not hang your canvas print too high

It’s always better to put a canvas print too low than too high. If you put the canvas too high, this often gives you an unpleasant feeling. It emphasizes the height of your living room and creates an uncomfortable atmosphere. Putting the print slightly below eye level is the best place. We therefore recommend that you first hold the canvas at various heights before determining the final height.

Photo on canvas correctly hung
Photo on canvas placed too high

3. Try something non standard and do not hang your canvas over your sofa

The most obvious place to hang your photo on canvas is above the couch. But there are also very nice other places in your living room to hang your canvas print. For example, next to your bank. This often gives a very nice and spacious atmosphere. Especially if you choose a large size canvas covering the entire wall.

Photoprint besides the couch
Photoprint above the couch

We hope that 3 tips have helped you!

Thanks for reading!