Bathroom and Toilet Wall Art

We know that bathroom could be everyone’s best friend. Most of us spend hours just to collect ourselves, overthinking about things, our monologues where our script has been drafted if we were to encounter our enemies and sometimes the area of goal setting. It could be one of the great places to display something motivational and uplifting. In this age of innovation, there are lots of bathroom wall art ideas. I’ve heard this line from a friend that “the bathroom is the face of the house, what it looks like is the corresponding character of the homeowner”. Which is why some homeowners are investing a great way to make their homes welcoming and warm as well as their efforts to invest in the interior of their bathrooms.

Bathrooms are the most unavoidable place in the house, so why not design it as a perfect haven that it needs to be. Bathroom designs can be one of the mood contributors as it is the first destination of everyone who wakes up early in the morning. Designing your bathroom does not need to be costly, it won’t need intensive renovation, one can deal with the bathroom walls and some minor arrangements or you can just add a little piece of decoration. You may be thinking now what designs would you want for your bathroom. You may want a not-so-usual-wallpaper bathroom designs or just tile arrangements with some flowers. You may want to look up for a bathroom wall art canvas.

Canvas prints are not limited only for bedroom and living room, in some offices, coffee shops, libraries, restaurants, in the museum and other art galleries. You may want to have these at the comfort of your bathroom. It could be a daily dose of your art heart. Canvas prints are images printed from an inkjet printer onto canvas, do not be confused over canvas painting because canvas paintings are created with the use of acrylic paints. Note that this is the usual confusion between canvas painting and canvas prints. Once the image is printed onto canvas, the canvas is stretched in the frame. Not to worry since canvas prints can also give you that good vibes and incredible feelings like when you are looking at the canvas painting. Canvas is a strong and durable fabric created with hemp. In modern times, our present age, hemp has been replaced by cotton and linen.

Listed below are some of the bathroom wall art canvas ideas that will help you finalize your bathroom beautification project:

Statement or verses

Statements or verses are the modern designs which usually bear a phrase, sentence or lines that will make you read a little. Lines which usually came from your favorite movies or some motivational lines that lift you up when you encounter hard times. You may want to have verses if you would like to be reminded you are loved by our Creator. Or you can use statement or verse design as labels or reminders such as how to wash your hands. It could be somehow entertaining depending on your preference. Note that you can play with all the words.

Personalized pictures or portraits

Personalized pictures such as your very own family pictures, even the picture of your beloved furry friends, can have a different level of motivation or different effect of inspiration. Just one look and the relief from your heart can come overflowing. They could be the reason why you are giving your best and never giving up. You could have your own pictures with all the achievements you have or the greatest pose you have ever displayed to remind yourself to strive harder than before. Note that by looking back at your achievements, even in just a mere photo or a canvas print, you will feel some sense of accomplishment and you will find life worth living.

Geometric or abstract designs

Geometric or abstract designs are usually found in luxurious places such as museums, restaurants, libraries, and any other classy places. But you know you can bring it to your bathroom if you are after classy and elegant designs. It can also be unique shapes and unique colors combined. Bet you wouldn’t want to stay away from your bathroom to savor that artsy feeling like visiting an exhibit.

Bathroom designs can always be as artistic as possible. But remember that the bathroom has its partner of all time, in the name of toilet. Bathrooms and toilets are usually inseparable in terms of its functions: bathroom could be the answer for your bodily external makeover, while, toilet is your answer when you receive a sudden or a scheduled call from nature.

Canvas print designs are not limited only to bathrooms, it could be extended in your toilet so that you won’t sit on your throne bored while having an exclusive appointment with yourself. You can still squeeze your creative juices in plotting a design for your toilet. Note that you will be needing an extensive brainstorm so that you will find staying in your toilet……..quite lovely and refreshing. You could bring those wall arts in improving your toilet wall art if you already had.

By extending the wall art for your toilet wall art ideas you can also use the canvas print art ideas as mentioned above: the statement or verses, personalized pictures or portraits, and geometric or abstract designs. Listed below is an additional design for your toilet wall canvas print art ideas that haven’t been mentioned above but a really good addition for your many choices.

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Landscapes refer to the visible features of an area of land, landforms, and how they integrate with natural or man-made features. It could be a place where you recently visited. If you love sceneries and if travelling is a part of your goals, a picture taken in a place could be a wonderful addition of canvas print arts to your toilet. A great remembrance to be remembered even in the toilet.


Map designs and prints are another popular option for canvas print art ideas. It is a symbolic depiction emphasizing relationships between elements of some space, such as objects, regions, or themes. Its usual function is for us to know the illustrations of the places and countries. By having it as a toilet wall art design, one thing is for sure — you will set a goal where to go next. You will be motivated to explore what the world has to offer in terms of country cultures and many more exciting activities that country can accommodate. You can mark every place you’ve been for your tracking and to check on your bucket list.


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Decoring bathroom by small mirror is a good idea! You need try it!

Now that you had an idea about canvas print wall art designs for your bathroom and toilet, the next one that your decision will be needed is the canvas print itself — the cost, the size, dimensions, framed or not framed, hanging print canvas, designs, etc. — the part that is depending on your preferences.

For the canvas print size and design, if you prefer minimalist design — as one of the most popular trend of this age when it comes to interior design — you can choose neat and small sizes because we know you would love to find a design in a particular space but still respecting the neatness and orderliness of the wall. It would be refreshing to see limited designs and things that your eyes can cover. For people who are too vibrant and enthusiastic artsy-minded, they want to see any artform anywhere they look. They can create a collage pattern of different sizes and designs or color to satisfy their sight cravings.

Although we do not usually pay attention or focus on the bathroom and toilet designs, it won’t hurt if we would like to express our love of art even to these sacred parts of our homes. These are the places which we are having a conversation with ourselves. Our futuristic goals that are realized when we have ample time in our bath. We say our little prayers when we decided to take up hours. It will help us if the canvas print designs can help us lift our moods and energy — remember that designs are reflections of ourselves and may help us boost our energy every morning — which our bathroom and toilet would provide us since these are our go-to places before making our separate way from our homes.