Kids Wall Art for Early Education

The four corners of our homes primarily serve as the first wall that protect us in all outside rage, whether climate or disaster — maybe for us as grown-ups but for kids? That is a different story. We all know that having kids at home means a lot of work, from waking up to serving meals, from household chores to general house cleaning. Parents may make a lot of preparations and plans before adding a new life at home that could bring happy-mess with full of happiness. Parents are the first teachers of these kids, and part of the plans and conversation of the couple is how to educate their little ones. Kids room design has been planned way before the kid sees the world. With today’s age of design, it will never be enough if the room consists of colors only — kids’ room wall arts are now everywhere. Parent’s creative juices get squeezed when it comes to the design of their kids’ bedroom. Thanks to modern art, we will add a new accent to the plain colors of kids rooms by including wall art.

We have to make sure, as parents, that the wall art designs can help nurture our young ones. Designs such as numbers, colors, shapes and any sensory materials should help our child’s mind to perceive things that are being taught. The usual room designs are like wallpapers attached everywhere. You may want to try something new — it may look like an out-of-the-box idea or somehow risky for the child but it’s worth giving a try — the canvas prints wall art.

We are very much aware of the behavior of the kids and it might cause destruction to the art designs that could be costly to repair or costly to be replaced. Canvas print wall art is not a bad idea. It could give you fresh ideas and produce a new accent to your home. Kids bedroom wall art may affect their excitement to shut off and sleep, or they may always get some learnings from their wall even before they go to sleep. Canvas print wall arts could be possible with safety precautions, especially those that are out of reach of children.

Listed below are some of the kids art wall ideas to ponder and sure to be of help to create a learning conducive environment.

Animal pictures
Animal pictures are very attractive to kids’ eyes. It could give them familiarity with the different creatures that they can see often such as fish, birds, dogs, cats that usually gives them the idea to have it as a pet. Discovering new animals is one way to help the kid develop his/her brain when it comes to naming things. There’s also a trivia that once a kid is engrossed with the dinosaurs, they say, the child would most likely grow intelligent. It might be your one step to make that dream of an intelligent kid come true.

Alphabets are one of the most essential elements that is needed to be learned at an early age. It seems the gate pass of learning. The first step of education is through the alphabet, the familiarity of each letter. From letters to words, from words to phrases, and from phrases to sentences, and so on and on. It’s really a great help if kids have been taught about the alphabet at a very young age. Canvas prints of alphabets would likely serve its dual purpose: a refreshing unique design and a learning material. As experts said that the home is the first school of every child, we can take it that their bedroom can be their first classroom as the home is the whole school. We can listen to the nonstop pep talk once the kids learned how to create their words. It could be exciting.

Numbers are the second to the most essential part of learning. Although numbers can be translated into words. However, numbers are fixed figures but have a different function in the aspect of learning. Each number represents a certain symbol just as the letters in the alphabet, but in very different aspects. Numbers can help the minds of our kids to calculate, to simplify or expand certain formulas, just as the letter (from letter to words and so on). Numbers also are needed to be learned at an early age, because familiarity of the numbers is the very basic of every Mathematics subject. Once the kid familiarized him/herself with the numbers, it could be easy for him/her to learn the operations and others concerning the numbers. You will never know if your kid will be the next math wiz!

Colors are everywhere. They are part of our culture and it plays a very big part in the learning journey of every child. The colors have the power to distract or enhance the child’s learning potentials.
We are aware that young children are attracted to warm, bright colors, while elementary-aged children prefer tints and pastel colors. Middle school children enjoy green and blues, while highschool students prefer darker colors.
In helping the child’s environment learning conducive, it’s important that parents know how to incorporate colors to child’s daily lessons and activities. Because children remember colors better than visual cues, combining lesson content with colorful visuals can help improve the kids’ memorization. If you want your kids to learn better, consider the power of colors, because we know that young ones are more of visual learners.

Education at home may be one of the hardest things to achieve for parents especially if the house is needed to add some decorations or a major renovation to accommodate the need to learn. Major renovation could be the last option because at the sight, it is good to add some wall decoration but in a modern twist, the above mentioned canvas print wall arts.

Canvas print wall arts for kids is not only limited to the above designs, it could also be personalized such as the family portraits or family pictures, the celebrations — such as birthdays, baptism, wedding, etc — could be designed in different canvas sizes to assemble a great collage of memories. Kids’ bedrooms do not need to be fully equipped with things just for school but also some memories printed that when the kid grew up, that very familiar picture could leave an unforgettable memory, which could also help him sharpen his/her mind by memory retention, he could tell the story behind that picture. Canvas print can give a vibrant, modern or contemporary design that feels like you are in an exhibit.

For the canvas print size and design, if you prefer minimalist design especially for colors — as one of the most popular trend of this age when it comes to interior design — you can choose neat and small to medium sizes because we know kids are very territorial and they would love to go to this specific place at a certain time. It would be refreshing to see limited designs and things that your kids’ eyes can cover. But for kids who are too vibrant and enthusiastic artsy-minded, they want to see any artform anywhere they look. You can create a collage pattern of different sizes and designs or color to satisfy their sight cravings. Make sure that you also provide some canvas print wall boards in which your kid can freely write and vandalize the wall.

Your preferred canvas prints – to be framed? Or not to be framed?

We can say that the durability of the canvas prints depends also on the material that will cover them. We are talking about kids’ bedrooms, we should make sure that the materials we will be needing can withstand any unexpected distractions caused by kids’ playing around. Since we are in the modern day age of designs, there are add-on materials which provides kidproof powers to lengthen the life of the canvas prints that we will invest in.

We all know that kids’ bedrooms are one of the most essential of our house, and that they receive adequate attention from planning, design and appearance. It should be kid friendly and at the same time learning conducive along with its precautionary measures. As parents, there may be a lot of considerations before canvas prints would be taken into account but allow me to let you know that canvas prints could help kids in their early learning journey for the subjects will be visible to their eyes and learning may come unconsciously. Creating a learning conducive environment for kids does not require letting it appear as a mediocre classroom, but just a little bit, but you can take it into the other dimension. Learning is fun if we know how to play around. We will never know if they will learn much more if it looks like a playground with tons of shades of colors. The intelligence development of our young ones determines how we take part in paying attention to their early demands.