Sunflower Tapestry | Floral Sunshine for Your Walls

Sunflowers are a romantic and wonderful symbol of unconditional love, spiritual strength, and unwavering loyalty. Perhaps that is because of the majestic images of Sunflowers stretched toward the sky, with their vibrant yellow petals soaking up the summer sun. The way that sunflowers always appear to be facing the sun is also why many people associate sunflowers with a sense of adoration.

Sunflower Wall Art 

Sunflowers also symbolize faith in various religions because of their resemblance to the sun. For example the Incas used sunflowers to symbolize the Sun God, and brought them to temples as a symbol of worship.

Sunflower Wall Painting

Plus, they seem to radiate a sense of pure joy and happiness that you cannot help but be impacted by. That’s probably why they are known as the Happiest Flower on Earth!

Sunflowers – The Happiest Flower On Earth

Sunflowers typically bloom throughout the summer and early fall, usually for about 20 days in total. The sunflower blooms are a favorite among bees and help to pollinate the flower and fertilize the seeds.

One of the other wonderous aspects of the sunflower is how they always seem to follow the sun, facing themselves to the East as the sun rises and then moving slowly to the West as the sun goes down. There are several scientific explanations for this phenomenon, which detail how it is simply the plant’s circadian clock & growth hormones that create the appearance that they are following the sun. But I prefer to think of it as the magic of nature.

Sunflowers Painting

From a decor standpoint, the oversized blooms and vivid yellows make for an appealing and dramatic accent to any home. But, because of the short lifespan of the sunflower blooms, we often have to look elsewhere for sunflower decor that we can enjoy year-round.

And that’s where a sunflower tapestry comes perfectly into play. Richly woven on jacquard looms, these beautiful tapestry wall hangings celebrate the beauty of the sunflower in a way that no other art form can quite match.

Sunflower Wall Art

The warm of the cotton threads combine with the richness of the sunflower yellows to create a wonderful tapestry that any sunflower lover will adore.