5 Cute Temporary Tattoos That Look Realistic

It goes without saying that getting a new tattoo can be a sizable life decision. Whether you’re contemplating a set of matching friendship tatts, some mother-daughter ink, or inscribing your own personal mantra on your arm, it’s critical to think through the design, placement, and seriously consider if this is something you’ll want on your body forever. Not so sure? If you can’t get those delicate wrist tattoos or celeb-inspired looks out of your mind, yet you’re not keen on commitment, temporary tattoos are a stellar substitute. No longer just for kids’s birthday parties or music festivals, the market is full of hand-drawn designs that look realistic and are easy to apply. From semi-permanent, long-lasting henna tattoos to body markers that can be used to do your own doodles, delicate flowers, DIY glitter tattoo kits that will delight the whole family, custom graphics, and more, these temporary tattoos allow you to wear your creativity on your sleeve…or ankle.

Inspiring Words Temporary Tattoos

Use this pack of inspiring mantras to remind yourself to “just breathe,” “be brave” or that “everything happens for a reason.” The uplifting temporary tattoos come in different fonts that can help you decide whether you like cursive or all capital letters if you’re considering getting the real thing

Temporary English Word Tattoo Stickers

Nature Temporary Tattoos

Get the serenity of nature temporarily inked on your body with this set of hand-drawn designs that have the delicate look of beautiful stick and poke tattoos.

Pretty In Pink Pack

For those who love the color pink, this hand-drawn pack of 20+ designs—from a pink pineapple to a butterfly to hearts and flowers—will delight the eyes.

DIY Tattoo Glitter Set

Great for kids and adults, this DIY kit comes with glitter pots, stencils, brushes, rhinestones and a washable marker

Temporary little cute rainbow smiley fashion tattoo

Lovely Set Tattoos

Signature floral illustrations, each set includes two of each design and is made from veggie-based ink.