10 Tips How to Decorate Your Living Room

We realize how important it is to set our places of living in the coziest and most creative way. As our achievements, mood, and productivity highly depend on what we surround ourselves with, it’s necessary to pay attention to our design interior. However, the most difficult part is to decide what to start with. Don’t worry, the first step was done as you began to read this article! You’ll find out how to decorate your living room and combine different interior items with an impeccable taste with the help of our 10 tips.

1. It’s all about color palette

The first and most important thing is the overall impression of the appearance of the room. The color scheme should be balanced and carefully selected. You’ll agree that bright green pillows are unlikely to fit violet wallpapers. It’s better to learn how to work with the harmony of colors and colors combinations. If you like bright shades, leave the walls monochromatic and neutral and make the color highlights the elements of the decor.

It's all about color palette

2. Light and bright colors are all you need

Bright and unobtrusive tints visually expand the size of any room, so if you want your place to look bigger and refreshed, choose the light color scheme! It will not only widen your apartment’s area but also liven up your mood and make the right mindset throughout the days.

Light and bright colors are all you need

3. In minimalism we trust

Minimalism is about beauty in simplicity. It may be found literally in every interior item such as furniture, wall art, textures, materials, décor elements and etc. You can easily highlight any part of your room, but remember to keep it simple. A standout artwork or a bright-colored couch will surely emphasize your home design.

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4. Multi-panel wall art is the best choice.

Do you want to cover a big empty space on your wall in an extraordinary way? Here’s a solution! A 3, 4 or 5 panels wall art will make your interior look unique, minimalistic and trendy. The space will be filled, a room design will be completed. And all of a sudden, everything is in its place.

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5. Experiments are always for the better

To have a balance and harmony is one of the most important things about any home interior. Mixing vintage and modern is exactly what we mean while talking about the importance of keeping the style balanced. The detailed texture of the antique items will perfectly complete the clarity of modern ones.

Experiments are always for the better

6. Details do matter

Of course, such things as a color theme and layout design are inalienable and important part of conceptualizing your interior plan. Nevertheless, don’t forget about the details that create the whole completed look of your room. Cozy pillows, colorful covers of books on the shelf, various wall arts, candles and drawers with a detailed texture will make your living room look perfect.

Details do matter

7. Turn your photos into wall art

Let the dearest moments be always with you – turn your photos into trendy wall art. It’s a stylish interior decision that will make any living room atmosphere be really pleasant and charming.

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8. White is the new black

If you have a lot of light or large windows in your living room, pick a white-colored theme interior for your place. The vivid colors won’t disturb your attention and the harmonious white palette will set up your mind for productive work. You may add some items of soft and pastel colors for highlighting the interior.

White is the new black

9. Keep it really simple

You can make your living room look luxury without pompous chandeliers and glossy stuff. Keep the one color scheme, emphasize your room with some vivid elements such as the wooden floor, patterned pillows or carpet, unusual wall art, colorful vases, and antique furniture.

10. Pay attention to the furniture

The major pieces of the interior are of the furniture as we know. The most important step is to have a finished imaginary picture of how your apartment will look in general. Choose a vintage light-wooden furniture such as cupboard and tea tables if your room color palette is light. If it comes to modern items, then pick white basic ones. For example, a sofa can either ruin or complete the look of the room. It all depends on whether you want to make it a highlight of your space or not. Remember to focus on the one thing while emphasizing. Don’t overdo it.

Pay attention to the furniture