8 Elegant Ways To Create Gorgeous Corners In Your Home

Do you often stare at the bare corners of your home and feel like something is missing? If you feel that way, it probably is. One of the most ignored places in the house, corners, with the right decor and accessories, can be converted into the most creative places in your home.


The corners of your house are not just for keeping a shoe rack or leaving it empty. A lot can be done to give the silent corners of your home a creative makeover. But it is not necessary to modify each and every corner of your home. Just revise one or two of them and give a new look to your home.

1) L’s The Word: For people who believe less is more, L Shaped Sofas or L-shaped furniture pieces work the best. As Aakanksha says, “I particularly love the ones that have an inbuilt recliner and lying down space. The sofa helps increase and organize seating and also removes the clutter of too many pieces.” And Twinkle agrees – “I personally believe that L-shaped Sofas were brought into existence keeping in mind the need to enhance the corners of a home.” So, if you’re a big believer in organized spaces, L-shaped sofas are perfect for you.


2) Green Somethings: Corners are amazing because they are like art pieces in any room. A really nice way of decorating a corner is putting plants in the corner of your room, play around with table heights and therefore use the verticality of the corner. Plants bring freshness into the room while helping occupy space usually left empty.


3) Game Point: If you are a chess lover, then that overlooked corner is the perfect place to dedicate to your chess board. Place an old fashioned table with a pair of comfortable chairs set up in the corner. Showcase your wooden or stone chess board puzzle on the table. Add a few calming wall paintings and a simple pendant light falling from the ceiling. Another game option can be a cozy carrom setup (if that’s the way you roll.)

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4) Make ‘Em Useful: Corners are also utilitarian because of the way they are usually sandwiched between 2 pieces of furniture. The corners can have concealed storages which work as a table on the top.

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5) Light It Up: An ideal way of treating a corner is also to have hanging lights in the corner. The ideas is to basically enhance the verticality of the space. The pendant/hanging lights add to the articulation of the corner and can also make a cozy seating for two in an intimate environment.


6) Your Own Reading Nook: Another lovely option that corners offer is to make a space inside a big space. So when you have a big living room, one can make a corner nook with perhaps a small coffee table, a bookcase and a lounge chair with an ottoman and create a nice reading corner while the same can be used as a normal seating when not in use as a personal space.

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7) An Open Affair: Add a few open shelves and place small knick-knacks on them. Showcase them in the light of a single overhead spotlight to enhance your corner to the fullest.


Or go the traditional way and place a cabinet in the corner with knick-knacks on top.


8) Refurbish, Reuse & Recycle: While a corner is more than just a space to wedge in that empty shoe rack or forgotten bits of furniture that do not go with anything else, you can add surprising elements in your room with small pieces of furniture. Place a simple bright cloth on them or simply make use of a colorful throw or some cushions and place a lamp lighting the statue and you have a great corner to add to the beauty of your home.

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Make use of old furniture pieces and get them repaired and polished. Embellish your old chair with a fancy cushion. Adorn your table with a cheerful and lacy table cloth etc, and add them to a corner and see how it ties the whole room together!

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A great example of using old furniture creatively is taking that old center table, adding some bedding and covers to it along with cushions and placing it in a corner of your room for a brand new seating option!


Things to Avoid

There are many things that you can add to the corners of your home to invite prosperity, you should never have so much there that the area feels cluttered or messy. Always make sure that the area is tidy and has no signs of dirt or decay, such as peeling paint.