Massage chairs have come a long way since their introduction in the early 50s. Once basic, not-so-custom massage chairs have evolved into true medi​​​​cal devices that can detect and cater to individual users.

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So how exactly does a massage chair cater to individual users?

Using technologies like optical and pressure sensors, many of today’s massage chairsscan your body before you ever begin a massage. The chairs then use that information to customize the range of the rollers so that they perfectly fit your height and shape.

One massage chair even goes as far as to “prescribe” you a massage, that diagnoses your body’s tension and then prescribes a custom-tailored massage treatment.

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So a massage chair can “read” your neck and back with body scan technology, but does the massage feel as custom as one from a massage therapist?

The short answer is no. Massage chairs are mechanical, so they lack the level of humanness of a massage from a therapist. But rollers too have come a long way. Today, you can find massage chairs with 2D, 3D, and even 4D rollers.

Each roller type gives you control over a specific quality of your massage. So if you like deep tissue massage or have tight knots, a 3D massage chair lets you control how deep the rollers penetrate into your muscle tissues — giving you free rein over your massage strength.

Additionally, massage tracks have also been upgraded in recent years. Rather than only covering the neck and back, many of today’s massage chair rollers extend into the seat of the chair to treat the buttock and thighs thanks to the innovative L-Track design.


Another aspect of the modern massage chair is that it doesn’t just stop with massage. Many are packed with therapeutic or simply entertaining features that users love like heat therapy, Zero Gravity, chromotherapy lights, music systems, and negative ion generators.