How to choose bedroom wall paintings?

1. What Does Bedroom Painting Mean?

Before admiring these beautiful and meaningful models, I will share with you why it is necessary to decorate this resting room and the importance of this

Bedroom Beauty
The bedroom is the place we return to from a long day at work, a private place for each person, where we will rest and relax. So the first and foremost thing for this room is the suitability factor for the owner of the room.
Owning beautiful bedroom paintings will help your walls avoid the emptiness, creating harmony and aesthetics for the whole room. Especially with large-area rooms, the more you should hang in the bedroom.
So decorative items here always need to focus on colors as well as images. Need to create a sense of relaxation suitable for rest as well as suitable with the space to create excitement for the owner.

Feng Shui

Although it does not have a great influence like the living room, but the bedroom is the place that directly affects the owner of the room.
Especially with the homeowner’s health
So choosing good feng shui items will definitely help you regulate the vitality of the home, thereby bringing about abundant health, avoiding illnesses and diseases as well as having better luck at work and life. living.

Private space highlight
With a private space, you can completely think about decorating pictures, wall pictures depending on your preference.
A wedding photo, a family photo album, meaningful photos to you or lovely pictures of your children are all good choices here.
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2. Types of pictures should hang in the bedroom

Sun Flower
Speaking of sunflowers, we will immediately think of a flower with a regal, rustic but sincere and deep beauty.
Whether the material is a mirror or a canvas, the sunflower theme is the same, they are not soft, noble like roses, nor as luxurious as orchids, and sunflowers look more wild.

The movement of sunflowers follows the journey of the sun during the day from East to West, so this flower is always considered a symbol of the upward direction, towards the better.
At the same time is also considered a symbol of fidelity

Roses, Peonies

When talking about romantic bedrooms – surely you can’t ignore rose-related items, so what are roses and how to hang rose pictures?

Love is always the foundation of mutual happiness, the foundation of a happy family where roses are the symbolic flower of beauty, of love between couples.

Therefore, the pictures and pictures of the bedroom with rose theme are always favored by couples.

In addition, rose is a flower that blooms throughout the four seasons of the year, so it will mean a happy family all year round.

According to feng shui, having a picture of roses in the bedroom will help the owner of the room feel healthy and comfortable when starting a new day.

Modern Canvas

This is a collection of paintings with many different themes, be it flower paintings, street paintings or landscapes, … But they have a common point that there will often be many small pictures linked together. through the color or style of the set

For modern bedrooms, the main themes chosen will be: Floral paintings, pictures with harmonious, gentle colors or paintings on women’s themes.

The bedroom is sleepy
No matter who you are, what personality you are, there will be a little bit of your childhood in your soul, still somewhat interested in beautiful, funny and lovely things. .

So funny wall paintings are also a great choice for the bedroom.
A fresh space, filled with laughter will be the beginning of a harmonious family, a happy couple. Especially with fun themes, there are many lightweight educational options suitable for your baby’s room.

Feng shui bedroom
Because feng shui is a wide topic and needs to learn about home, home direction as well as homeowners, the selection of feng shui paintings will be a little different from other types of paintings because this type of painting will be suitable for you. each existing situation.