Ideas for office hanging paintings for each department

1. Painting for the CEO department

The director room is the workplace of the company’s CEO. That is why the paintings of the director’s room need to show the luxury and class. The composition of pictures must ensure overall harmony. In which, with the director’s office, you can choose from many pictures on the topic. Specifically, such as natural landscapes, animals, sentences, …

No matter how you choose a painting model, the advice for you is to choose pictures with classical style. Because these paintings often show elegance and class. Besides, you also need to note that the size of the picture must be suitable for the area of the room.

2. Painting for the marketing department

Marketing is one of the most important parts of a business. This is a place for advertising ideas to help businesses introduce products. Therefore, to inspire and motivate this department, you should choose a slogan. Slogans with cheerful slogans will give marketers more power.

One note when choosing pictures for this part is that the colors must be elegant, the design must be beautiful and creative. As for the picture of the picture, you should hang embroidered pictures with as many slogans as possible. It will make the marketing department even more impressive.

3. The samples are suitable for the business department

The sales department is also one of the most important parts of the business. This is the part that directly determines the company’s business and sales. Therefore, just like pictures hanging from the marketing department, when choosing pictures for the sales department, everyone should choose slogans. In which, the slogans should have a spiritual meaning to encourage employees.

In terms of layout and color, the picture of the business room must also ensure harmony. These pictures should make the staff feel comfortable. If you choose too bright colors, people will be confused and dazzled.

4. Painting of the accounting department?

What picture should the accounting department hang is also one of the questions that many people wonder about. Unlike other departments, the accounting department mainly deals with finances. Therefore, when choosing pictures to hang the accounting office, you need to pay attention to the factor of the five elements – feng-shui.

In which the first priority is the feng shui fortune fortune. Like:

This feng-shui accounting office will help the business of the business better. It will help your fortune always prosper.

5. Office hanging paintings for administration – human resources

HR administration is the employee management department of the company. Therefore, the pictures hanging at the HR administration office need to show gentle beauty with simple style. Normally, pictures on the subject of human treatment, calligraphy, hometown paintings, … are the perfect choice for HR administration.

The colors of the pictures of the administrative and human resources department should not be too colorful. You can even choose between white and black for these pictures. Although it is a gentle style, the pictures in the personnel administration department must also show uniqueness. If so, here some people have made a deep impression on the company’s customers.

6. Painting room wall planning

The planning department is the place to come up with ideas and plan the company’s development path. Therefore, when choosing a gallery, the plan must be creative and promote the idea.

The high quality pictures for the planning room must show vibrant, fresh colors. Absolutely you should not choose pictures with dark colors. There are several contents, pictures hanging from the planning room may have many different ideas. However you should not choose but the subject picture is dull. Instead, you can choose open space paintings.