Save money Decorate your store with Coffee Shop Wall Paintings

That milk tea, coffee, lemon tea shop seems to have become a familiar place outside the family and company after everyone’s stress. It is no longer just a hobby, a habit but it has become an inevitable need of people. Besides delicious drinks, customers need a comfortable and beautiful space to meet partners and friends. Or get the mood of work, take virtual live pictures, date …

So now on the roads you can easily see more and more cafes and milk tea. But not all “famous” stores are full of customers or attract attention and stand out. Already a business, we really need customers. And the important thing to hold customers back with delicious drinks is the image of the restaurant. So how does decor to visualize impression?

1, Lack of “green” space

Is your shop facing a lack of “green” space? Narrow shop can not grow trees? That will be a huge downside because the space will become a bit dark, stuffy and lifeless. Space is very important !!! Certainly, customers will give priority to cafes, milk tea with green and airy views to feel more comfortable. Instead choose a space that feels dark and claustrophobic.

Wall painting is both costly and confusing and not suitable for modern or luxurious décor? So replace with what? Decorative painting cafe !! Yes, simple, cost-effective, highly effective decorative effect is the use of wall paintings

  1. The chaos of colors in decor.
    There is another decor problem that shops often encounter: Decor too much. Your shop is too prominent with colors that are not in harmony with each other, causing eye trouble, lack of aesthetic design, not modern. The problems that wall paint decorators or wallpaper face often face. Do you need to tweak the colors without finding an easy solution to it? Coffee shop murals will be the perfect choice.

In addition to the designs for fresh spaces, Alley Coner also has many simple but delicate decorative paintings. Bring a modern trend that is equally outstanding, easily coordinated on all the most demanding walls. Not only quality, sharp lines, but also diverse designs

Bland decoration?
Besides that, besides the prominent stores, there were also shady and invisible stores. Space too one color, or color, design is too faint, without a bit of impression, attracts everyone’s eyes. Looking just an ordinary restaurant, nothing special, not enough to retain customers will be a shortcoming, right? So how to fix it easily, quickly and effectively?
Not expensive furniture, simply the murals of the cafe can change your shop.

4. Enhance your image with cafe decorations?
The shop can be small, drinking water can be delicious or normal, but decor must definitely be impressive, the view must be genuine. It will retain customers longer than you think. Because the demand for virtual live photography of today’s young people is very high. Looking at the restaurant with investment and refinement for each image of the space has caused sympathy for customers.

Everything will become easier when we know to choose quality products, a reliable place. Understanding that desire not only fixes the situation the customer is having. Alley always gives people confidence, as well as the quality of the product. Coffee shop decorative paintings help save decor costs, shipping costs. Let Alley change your bar space.