Designing a boys’ bedroom comes with its challenges. While you may want to forgo the neon walls, superhero bedding, and stacks of toys, the occupant of the room might have other ideas. It could be tempting to succumb to the requests of your young one, but remember that his tastes are still evolving. Also, there are plenty of chic ways to meet in the middle with ideas that are youthful and also refined.


While some kids love superheroes, others spend their time getting lost in the pages of fairy tales. One way to create a bedtime theme is to prominently use characters from a favorite story as a design element


Something as simple as a fun theme, is all you need to achieve a youthful yet elegant look. A striking pendant light, custom wallpaper.


For a timeless and transitional space, opt for a gender-neutral palette that will last through all your child’s changing color preferences


This warm bedroom balances youthful accents with a mature foundation. While the plush toys and wall art are playful and young, the room itself maintains a sophistication that will be appropriate for years to come.


Choosing a nautical theme for a boys’ room is an easy way to create a fun, adventurous space in a chic manner. The bright blues of the bed frames, window frames, and accents are young and exciting, but they can also be reworked into an adult space over time.


For an easy transition from childhood into teen years and adult life, consider decorative elements that are equally youthful and mature. A map on the wall can be an interactive piece for a young child, while its unique coloring makes it a perfect accent for an adult. The complementary scattered blues are energetic but lend a tranquil vibe.