Where the kitchen wall art steals concerts

We often shop for artwork to fill out a gallery wall in the living room or create an eye-catching display in an entryway, but hanging art in the kitchen? It isn’t as common—or at least it didn’t seem as common until we saw the stunning spaces below. No matter your style, budget, or kitchen setup, we bet you’ll find at least a few looks that you’ll potentially want to copy in your own space. The moral of the story? Art belongs in kitchens just as much as it does in living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms.

1. Have Fun with Photography

Black-and-white photography may not be the first style on your mind when it comes to art for the kitchen, but we have to say that the oversized picture above looks good, particularly with the dark cabinets. If you’re a photography fanatic, you can even consider printing and framing one of your own shots! This example is a portrait, but you could always use a vacation shot or a landscape.

2. Use the Space Above Your Cabinetry

If your cabinets don’t stretch all the way to the ceiling, feel free to treat their tops as an art ledge, where you can lean paintings, photographs, or even showcase a collection of quirky objects

3. Create a Kitchen Focal Point

Make use of space above your sink and hang art there for some added intrigue. The pop of color may even make dish washing a little more fun. This is also a particularly great idea if you don’t have a nearby window to look out of in your kitchen. Make your own scenery!

4. Go Abstract

Have a wall or two that flanks your cook space?  Consider framing out your kitchen with an abstract print or set of prints. Don’t be afraid to go abstract. Here, the blue and white print complements the orange leather stools at the kitchen island.

 5. Create a Peaceful Scene

Who doesn’t want to dream about a tropical getaway while tackling meal prep and other chores? it’s the perfect spot to showcase a special picture or photo.

 6. Try a Collage

If you have a sideboard or buffet in your kitchen, you can do what this South Africa-based homeowners did with their record player cabinet—set it off with a large scale collage or mixed media piece of artwork hanging above it. Remember that if you have other pictures mounted around the room, matching the frames might be a good strategy for creating balance and making sure the overall look is visually cohesive.

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