Ways of Displaying Your Image On Canvas Prints

There are four basic styles used to add canvas prints as decor to your home wall.

  • Shape
  • Single Canvases
  • Wall Display
  • Photo Splits – Canvas Collage

1. Shape: 

Canvas prints can be customized in four different orientations; square, landscape, portrait, and panoramic.

You have to be very specific when choosing the shape of the canvas print for your images. Each form specializes in displaying certain types of photos to its best.

Square canvas prints are the best choice when your image has a round shape focused.

So, if your image has a round plate, a flower, or a close-up shot of a baby’s face, you know which canvas print will best stretch it and contrast with.

These canvases help a small room look spacious.

They are best suited to printing landscapes and scenics. So, if nature takes your fancy, a landscape canvas print is your way to go.

Portrait canvases, as the name depicts, are obviously used for portrait photos.

But, it is not restricted to it. It does perfect justice to focused objects, especially food items and nature.

Any large illustrations like family group photos, wildlife, cityscape, find its way to panoramic canvas prints.

2. Single Canvases

This overused style to decorate walls takes a single canvas print to be hung on the wall.

They give a one-dimensional personalized feel to your space. If you are a minimalist, go for a single canvas print.

3. Wall Display

If you want to treasure a particular memory for life, preserving it in the form of a wall canvas print display is the best option to explore.

This technique of displaying photos is commonly opted by advertisers and photographers.

As they expand to the entire wall, they help accentuate your space’s beautiful features, which otherwise go unnoticed like cubbies and nooks.

4. Photo Splits – Canvas Collage

This method of adorning your house lets you play with your inside creativity.

The multi-panel split canvases provide a modern platform, taking a mundane subject to the next level with the uniqueness of its presentation.

The image is simply divided into many sections, and each section is printed on a separate canvas. They are mounted next to each other, with a slim gap maintained in between.

There is something so captivating about the continuation of a series of images, all telling the same stories.

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