When it comes to kitchen wall decor ideas, it’s important to find art, pictures, signs, accessories and decorations that really speak to you. And although most families lean towards functional rather than creative and unique when it comes to decorating the kitchen, the best kitchen wall art decor and designs can take your space to the next level.

Whether your style is modern, vintage, farmhouse, rustic, country, shabby, chic, DIY, bright and colorful or black and white, these kitchen wall ideas will get you inspired! From cute signs to large canvas art with your favorite sayings or quotes, check out the number of ways you can decorate your kitchen walls.

1. Gallery Wall with Unique Signs

Gallery walls may be more common in the living room or hallway, but can also look perfect as kitchen art decor. Just make sure to get signs or pictures to create a gallery with a common theme.

Hangings with spoons, forks, knives, and cute sayings like “Welcome Wall” or “People Who Love To Eat Are The Best” can spruce up any modern kitchen. If you’re particularly gifted with arts and crafts, you may even consider recreating a popular design as a DIY art project

2. Cute Kitchen Wall Decor

Extremely popular and have been around for a while, making them a time-consuming investment in your kitchen. They come in a variety of styles, so shop around to find one that suits your style.

3. Decorative Wall Reminder To Practice Gratitude

Be grateful to the people who cook our delicious meals every day

4. Collect Compliments with A Hanging Herb Garden

Having fresh herbs handy is essential when cooking, so a hanging herb garden is not only stylish but practical. Plus, it makes for an excellent DIY project.

5. Framed Art with Shelf and Hooks

Wall art can serve multiple purposes. Besides brightening up the space, this one features a small shelf and hooks for oven mitts and other decorations. Your home goods store is likely to carry something similar.

6. Rustic Artwork

If you’re feeling crafty and looking for a cool do-it-yourself art project for your kitchen wall, then exercise your creativity and come up with unique décor perfectly customized to your needs. As you can see here, you can create spectacular results with wood and paint alone.

7. Farmhouse Display

The right décor items can take any basic shelving unit from drab to fab. Here, all the knick-knacks fit together beautifully, from the framed art to the vintage books and elegant garland.