Inspired by fantastic stories, these playful wallpaper designs are a tribute to imagination and creativity. Each design is a celebration of the magical worlds of storybooks – woods of giant mushrooms, exotic jungles, castles wrapped in enchantment and the thicket of roses. These patterns are designed to appeal to children and adults alike and will bring some of that magic from the realm of stories into your home.

There are themes and motifs inspired by both classic and contemporary stories, laced into picture perfect designs. We believe there’s no age limit on imagination – this collection is here to help you weave a bit of fairytale magic into your room, whatever your age.


When you look at the sky and try to count the stars the possibilities of this world seem limitless. This sideways repeatable depiction of the night sky can be used to create an entire room of stars, and inspire the desire to reach for them.


In North West London, you’ll find Notting Hill with its adorable town houses. Here you see our take on their timeless architecture – created with 2D drawings, arranged and photographed in 3D.


Mattress over mattress making a soft and inviting bedding – worthy a royalty. A romantic and dreamy wall mural design perfect for the nursery or the walls in your little prince or princess’ room.


Meet the animals of the forest, living together in the spirit of good companionship. In this dreamy mural intricate details such as bugs, bones, and roots, makes it possible to find something new to explore, every time you look at this repeatable design.


This intricate wallpaper is inspired by the copperplate illustrations used in children’s books in the late nineteenth century, telling tales of unfamiliar lands filled with fantastic creatures and unknown wonders.