How To Decorate Your Dorm Room

You’re starting college this semester and probably excited about personalizing your dorm room. From studying to sleeping to hanging out with friends, college girls use their dorm rooms for everything. While most spaces are small and bland, there are many ways to decorate your college dorm room to make it cute and inviting.

Some girls will invest in comfortable chic bedding and put up wall art, while others will want to bring in plants, install fairy lights, and hang a tapestry. Whether you prefer easy and simple decorations or want to get creative with some cool stuff, your dorm bedroom should reflect your personality and style. With a variety of essentials and trendy accessories for girls to consider, it can be a challenge deciding on dorm room decor.

To help you find inspiration when decorating your bedroom, we’ve compiled a list of the best dorm room ideas to get you started. From cool themes to creative layouts, explore these dorm room decorations to find a fun setup with comfortable bedding, awesome wall art, amazing lighting, and chic designs you will love

Create A Photo Wall

Create A Photo Wall

Going to college is exciting, but it can also be a little nerve-wracking. You’re being thrust into a new environment without the friends and family members who usually make up your support system.

Putting up a photo wall isn’t just a fun decorative element: it can also help you feel a little closer to the people you care about. Hang up some of your favorite pictures of friends and family members that showcase the happy memories you share with them. As you start making new friends, add their pictures to the wall!

Dorm Wall Decor

There are many different ways to arrange a photo wall. You can put them directly on the wall in a shape like a heart, or affix them to string lights with clothespins. Just let your creativity flow!

Decorate with Plants

Decorate Your Dorm Room with Plants

Bring in color and life by decorating your dorm room with plants. Even the nicest dorm rooms are inherently institutional, and most feel stuffy and boring, especially for college students bursting with energy and inspiration. Bringing in living things can breathe some life into your personal space and help design a comfortable and uplifting home.

Dorm Room Plants

Although pets are off-limits in most dorm rooms, plants are beautiful, easy to care for, and only require minimal space! Small potted plants can bring a pop of color to your desk while macramé plant hangers can add a whimsical boho vibe to your room. Adorable and low-maintenance succulent plants are very on-trend right now.

Use Natural Lighting

Dorm Decor with Natural Light

Whether you’re working on term papers or hanging out with your friends, college students frequently pull all-nighters and need to use natural lighting. Although it can be tempting to keep your dorm room dark and mysterious, dimly lit rooms and poor lighting can drag down your mental health.

During the day, we recommend you open up the blinds as much as possible to let in natural light. If your window isn’t positioned in a way that lets the sun in, you can also pick up light bulbs that look and feel more natural than typical artificial light sources.

Quality lighting and layout are dorm room must-haves that will keep you happy during the day and motivated to study at night.

Invest In A Comfortable and Cute Comforter

Cute Dorm Room Bed with Comforter

When shopping for dorm room essentials, you’ll want to invest in cute and comfortable bedding, including a comforter, pillows, and mattress toppers. Dorm rooms are often quite small by necessity, which means you don’t always have a lot of opportunities to express your personality through your decor.

As a product you’ll use daily, make sure to get a comforter that is made of high-quality fabrics, designed to be comfortable, and will look chic and fashionable in your room. Because it takes up a lot of space on your bed, a comforter tends to become a focal point.

Choose a comforter in a color and pattern that expresses your personality while adding layers to your decorating style.

Get Wall Decor

College Dorm Room Wall Decorations

Because of the general square footage and layout of a dorm room, there’s a limitation on the amount of furniture you can bring in. Luckily, you can still add your personal touch to the space by decorating your walls. From photo collages to unique accessories, this is the perfect time in your life to experiment with interesting new decor styles.

Chic College Dorm Wall Decor

Look at different types of art and pick up prints from artists that you like, or order wall decals that make big statements. If you’re sharing your space with a roommate, be sure to collaborate with them on the decor so you can both enjoy the room.

Design A Study Area

Design A Study Area

College is a great place to spread your wings and learn more about yourself, but it’s also where you need to study and learn so you can set yourself up for future success. Setting up a designated area where you can study comfortably and consistently is key.

Many colleges allow some flexibility when it comes to room layout. If you’re able to loft your bed and place a desk underneath it, that’s a great way to maximize your square footage. Regardless of where you place your desk though, there are certain elements you’ll want to include. These include things like a desk lamp, a surge protector, organizational supplies, and items like pens and highlighters.

College Girls Dorm Room Desk Area

Proper ergonomics are also important to your study area. Placing a computer monitor on a riser will encourage you to have good posture, which can prevent pain from hunching over and studying. Items like seat cushions and lumbar support pillows can also transform an uncomfortable dorm chair.

Feature A Mirror

Feature A Mirror in Your Dorm Room

In dorm rooms, you have to make the most of a limited amount of space. Hanging a large mirror on the back of your door is practical anyway. Having a mirror in your room can save you from making constant trips down the hall to check your outfit or your hairstyle before going out.

Keeping a mirror on the back of your door is also a clever way to make your room feel larger. Reflective surfaces can trick the eye into believing that your space stretches out farther.

Add A Headboard

Add A Headboard To Your Dorm Bed

Because seating can be limited in a dorm room, you may want to add a plush and cozy headboard to your bed for additional comfort. Since most dorms only come with a desk, chair and bed, it can be difficult studying in groups, entertaining friends, or studying in a different spot to change your scenery. While a bed may sound like a comfy place to hang out, your dorm room bed will likely be pushed up against a concrete wall.

Beautiful Dorm Room Decor with Trendy Bedding

Attaching a headboard to your bed is a design element that introduces better form and function into a space. Specifically, an upholstered headboard gives you something soft to lean against while you read or watch TV, further providing a warm and homey quality to your room.

Hang Up Fairy Lights

Hang Up Fairy Lights

Fairy lights introduce both warmth and whimsy to your decor. You can run twinkling rights around the perimeter of the room at the ceiling to create a starry night effect, or you can hang up curtain lights that cascade down the walls. You can even get lights that change color, which gives you endless ways to customize the feel of your space.

Place A Plush Area Rug

Place A Plush Area Rug

Dorm room floors tend to feature hard floors made out of sturdy material like tile so that they can take a beating over the years. If a dorm room is carpeted, it tends to be a very rough commercial-grade product that’s meant for durability and not comfort.

Buying a plush area rug is a simple way to make your floor look a lot nicer and feel a lot more comfortable. It can be layered on top of any floor covering, even carpeting, and adds another textural layer to your design