Bird art is timeless. Universally loved and easy on the eye, bird paintings create a sense of freedom – an uplifting and soothing addition to any room in your home.

Birds can instantly connect us to nature and the bigger world, outside our four walls. Plus, with such a wide variety of bird paintings available, there’s an art print for every personality, every age and every style.

But don’t just wing it! Have some fun as you feather your nest with these wonderful ideas for every room.

Living room

bird paintings for living room
JOVIAL: ‘Three Heron Birds’ will flutter up the fun

Shake your feathers with bird paintings that encourage your family to migrate to the heart of your nest and enjoy one another’s company. Such as watching The Angry Birds movie!

Dining room

striking bird paintings
REJOICE: with an ‘Impromptu Celebration’

Birds don’t just have to be served up on the dinner plate in the dining area. A statement piece that celebrates the joy of food, drink and merriness makes an elegant inclusion for any dining room. And it will make a great talking point at your dinner parties!

Home office

unique bird paintings
SPREAD YOUR WINGS: aim higher with ‘The Traveller’

Your home office can be a place of stress and ruffled feathers. So it makes perfect sense to incorporate soothing office art that creates a sense of peace. Reach for new heights and watch your troubles fly away.

Master bedroom

bird paintings for bedroom
TOGETHER: ‘Crowned With A Kiss’ fosters romance and calm

Soar into dreamland every single night with calming bird paintings that portray the joy of companionship. With a dreamy dash of romance, this is one nest you’ll never want to leave!

‘Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly,’ Langston Hughes.

Guest bedroom

flamingo bird paintings
TIMELESS: ‘Flamingo Dusk’ will never go out of style

It can be hard to get a good night’s sleep when you’re staying at someone else’s house. Keep guests chirpy with a super comfy bed, lots of cushions, a soothing colour palette and elegant bedroom art.

Kids room

bird paintings for kids
ALWAYS HAVE COMPANY: with ‘Midnight Friends’

What kid isn’t fascinated with the mysterious nature of a bird? Our feathered friends always incite delight and there are so many interesting facts that are fun for the whole family to learn. For example…

Did you know? Penguins are black and white as a form of camouflage.


bird paintings for a nursery
SMILES ABOUND: ‘A Happy Hoot’ is a great addition to a nursery

According to mythology, owls are the keepers of wisdom. So they make an ideal choice for a nursery, watching over your little one whilst they sleep and play. And if your bub is a night owl, they’ll be in great company.

Teenagers retreat

bright bird paintings
WILD AND FREE: encourage your teen to (moderately) enjoy their youth with ‘All Nighter’

Just because your child is flourishing into adulthood doesn’t mean they can’t join the feathered fun. This neon riot of colour is a funky take on the classic owl and adds an edgy vibe to a teenager’s room.

Did you know? ‘Worm-eating Bassian thrushes have been known to dislodge their prey from piles of leaves by directing their farts at them’


funky bird paintings
FLOCK STARS: make your kitchen walls sing with ‘Flamingo Balance’

It’s not often you want birds in your kitchen. Until it comes to a beautiful art print, of course. Don’t be afraid of adding a splash of colour – it’s a great way to balance the often sterile feel of this space.


bird paintings for home decor
NEVER SQUAWKWARD: ‘In The Jungle Garden’ is a riot of colour

A sunroom is a place for fun, play and relaxation. Complement the light-hearted energy of the space with a tropical vibe and colourful bird art.


arty bird paintings
FLAMIN-GOOD: dance to your own beat with ‘Standing Out From The Crowd’

Make your hallway sing with alluring and whimsical bird paintings. Not only are they easy on the eye, they’ll give your home personality and add interest to an otherwise bland space.


bright bird paintings
ALL YOURS: you ‘Toucan Delight’ in this bright and cheerful print

Everyone has one of these areas in their home; a little nook which isn’t quite large enough to be useful. Turn the tide and revive this dead space with a cheery bird painting that will bring joy to your day. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you wander past!

Feel inspired to spread your wings? Swoop in and browse our full collection of bird art for your home.