Top 5 things to look for when you buy canvas wall art online

We heard too many stories about how some of our customers shared their experiences in shopping poor quality canvas online. That’s right! Quality may vary from shop to shop. How can we be sure that the art piece you are going to buy worths the buck? There are 5 main areas you may want to notice when you buy for canvas wall art over the world wide web.

Golden Rule #1: An honest seller does not afraid of showing the actual products

Don’t be afraid to ask for actual canvas sample images. To know the quality of the canvas wall art, the fastest way is to ask for sample images. Sometimes you may think it does not sound very polite to do so and alternatively, you may check on their social media accounts and see any updates images of the actual products.

Golden Rule #2: Request mock up images especially for custom canvas order

Know what you are buying is very important when you shop online. Canvas sellers should be able to create mock-up images as per request. If a shop is serious about customer’s satisfaction, see this request as part of their job to impress new customers!

Golden Rule #3: No question asked while reading the product descriptions

Always read the descriptions carefully. It is the responsibility of the canvas art seller to explain the product in details before you check out.

Golden Rule #4: How does the canvas package?

Are you looking for something more than just a canvas prints? Such as any accessories? Is the panel wall art ready to hang? These questions should be found under product descriptions or frequently asked questions.

Golden Rule #5: Check their customer service team!

Contact the sellers before buying anything from the shop! This rule basically applies to any circumstances when you are shopping online. If you cannot reach them before you purchase anything, don’t expect they can ever be reached after sales. Ask anyone who has written a rip off report. 

This article is prepared by Viet Bill. Experience online seller for canvas art. If you need any advice on shopping canvas art, please do not hesitate to contact him by email. He and his team would be happy to assist you anything related to canvas wall art.