Dining Room Art Inspiration: 5 Wall Art Ideas for a Dining Room

Wall art ideas for a dining room are endless. Because it’s the second most communal room in the entire house, you have technically have more creative leeway to do unexpected things when it comes to wall decor.

From mirrors to wall art to suggested wallpapers, here’s five lovely wall art ideas for a dining room you should try.

Wall Art Ideas for a Dining Room

Even a dining room with the most limited space available can handle patterned wall statements or darker and more earthier wall colors. People spend more time in the kitchen than they do in the dining room.

So our goal? Let’s turn your dining room into a place where you’d want to spend more time in.

#1 Oversized or Large Canvas Wall Art

Brown Sky at Sunset

Think about what’s usually in your dining room. Just a table with chairs, ready to accommodate people who are ready to feast. It could use a center of attention, couldn’t it? If you want to do that without bothering to redecorate an entire wall (perhaps because you don’t have time), the easiest way is to hang canvas art.

If you have the space, large or oversized canvas wall art is the best choice. They can occupy the entirety of one wall, and effectively draw attention.

#2 Statement Walls with Reclaimed Wood

Image Credit: Houzz

Interior designers would be the first to tell you that it can be challenging to add warmth to an open dining space or add character to a plain room. The great answer to that is to turn one wall into an accent wall and fit reclaimed wood into it for both color and texture.

Tack some medium-sized wall art to finish off the look, and there you have it.

#3 For Neutral Dining Rooms, Try Metallic Wallpaper

Image Credit: Freshome

If you have a dining room that looks neutral — decked out with blues and browns and whites, you can do something simple to make it interesting. Textures and patterns are the answer.

You can try out metallic print wallpaper that showcases graphic or contemporary patterns. They bring a certain light and interest to your room, highlighting even the brighter aspects, like your lighting fixtures. Even the most minimalist dining room could use a little metallic accent, as long as the rest of the color palettes are simple.

#4 Photo-realistic Murals

Photo realistic murals in the dining room makes it look like a wall could go on forever. This is also good if your dining room is really inside the house and there’s no way to have windows or a look at the outdoors. Your mural turns into an accent wall.

Choose a mural straight out of an outdoor scene, and you have yourself a realistic view.

#5 Mirrors with Bold Frames

Image Credit: TD-Universe.com

Small dining rooms benefit largely from mirrors with bold frames. Instead of having one entire wall as the center of attention, you can draw the eye towards the mirror as the focal point in the room. It brightens up the space as it reflects light, and also makes the room look bigger.

Let Creativity Fly!

Ditch the traditional and boring setup of a regular old dining room, and give it flair and personality that you would be really proud of. Ready to turn your dining room into a cozy place you’d want to spend time in?

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