My farmhouse style shelves are decorated with KISS meaning keep it simple sweetie!KISS Fall Decorating graphic.

Okay, my friends – this decorating for fall (or any season or holiday) stuff can get way out of hand if we let it!  I mean, we all have more than enough demands on our time – right?  So, pardon my grammar, but ain’t nobody got time to get stressed out about decorating!  That’s why I’ve subscribed to the KISS method of fall decorating!  Know what K-I-S-S stands for?  Keep It Simple Sweetie.

Rustic open shelves decorated for fall with wood tones, soft golds and black and white || Worthing Court

Let me explain a little of what I’m talking about.  Take a look at the two photos below.  The photo on the left is of my breakfast area shelves decorated for late summer (click HERE to see that post if you missed it).  The photo on the right is of the same rustic farmhouse shelves decorated for fall.

The open shelves decorated for fall with green apples, plates and a wreath around the pig head.

When I decorated these open shelves for late summer, I intentionally created a “background” that would allow me to just switch a few decor items up for fall.  Why reinvent the design wheel if you don’t have to?

Pumpkins replaced the green apples that were previously in the wooden dough bowl under Mr. Herbert……

Herbert the pig has a wreath with a checkered bow around him and a dough bowl filled with fall items underneath on the shelves.

……and down below, yellow candles replaced the apples on the candlesticks and pumpkins were added under the small lamp with a very small green wreath on it.

The rustic shelves have a wooden toolbox, black and white striped dishes and pitcher and also yellow candles.

I scattered a few fabric pumpkins around and added woodsy acorns to the wooden bowl……

There is a orange fabric pumpkin on plates and a neutral fabric pumpkin beside the cups on the shelving unit.


The salt and pepper shakers are on the plates that are on the shelves.

……but, everything else on the farmhouse style shelves stayed the same.  Super easy!

Farmhouse breakfast area open shelves decorated for fall above the wooden hutch.

Same thing with the centerpiece on the table.  The photo on the left is the late summer look (see how I created this in 5 minutes HERE) and the photo on the right is the centerpiece tweaked for fall.

You only need to tweak an existing centerpiece a little bit to make it fall ready with a pumpkin beside the wooden beads on the right picture.

I simply added feathers to the vase of eucalyptus and wheat stalks, removed a couple of plates, added a soft golden pumpkin and moved the wooden bowls to a different spot.

A white pitcher is filled with eucalyptus leaves, feathers and it is on a wooden tray that is round on the table.

The small wooden bowls were moved to the other side of the centerpiece.

Small wooden bowls are beside the white pitcher on the dining room table.

I didn’t even rearrange the wooden beads!  I don’t know if this whole thing even took me two minutes total.

Overhead view of an easy fall centerpiece in the centre of the farmhouse table.

My point in all of this is to encourage you to think ahead when you’re decorating a space – any space.  This principle can apply to one small spot, a whole room or your whole house.  Try to create a “base” of decor items that can remain in place no matter what you change for a season.  If you’ll think it through and do this one thing, it will make your decorating life so much less stressful – pinky promise!  KISS!

Fall rustic open shelves and centerpiece in the dining room.




One fall coffee table styled two ways graphic.


Easy fall front porch with two urns and pumpkins on them.


The best tasting baked apples you'll ever eat! Honeycrisp apples poster.

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