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As a blogger, it’s a thrill anytime you have the privilege of being featured in a magazine.  I’ve never had the honor of my home actually being in a magazine (maybe one day!), but I have had the honor of being featured on a couple of magazine websites!  Last year, Country Living magazine included part of my spring tour on their website.  And yes, I was tickled pink, even though it was a tiny feature.

For this week’s edition of The Best Of Worthing Court, let’s take a look back at my Spring Home Tour from last year.  You win three jelly beans if you can guess which photo Country Living chose to use on their website.  ?

Let’s start in my family room since that’s the first room that you enter upon coming through our foyer.

Decorating doesn’t have to be complicated and I love to keep it easy. That’s why with most everything I do, I create a background where all I have to do is switch a few things out for different seasons and holidays.

Such is the case in my family room, starting with my rustic ladder.  When I first shared it with you, I had it all cozied up for winter.  But now that it’s spring, I put away the heavy throws and added a pretty blue one along with a grapevine wreath and some dried hydrangeas in a hanging basket.  Instant spring!

Lighten up a rustic ladder for spring with a pretty blue throw and some dried hydrangeas in hanging basket.

BTW – you can make one of these ladders yourself.  It’s super easy and super affordable.  I made mine for less than $20, not including paint and stain.  Click HERE to get the tutorial.

I lightened up the sofa with a few pillows from a recent shopping trip to Ikea.

Spring gallery wall, brighter sofa pillows and a spring coffee table vingette

I didn’t make any changes to the gallery wall, but I did replace the doughbowl, that I was displaying on my sofa table, with a terrarium filled with a couple of pots of faux greenery.  See my little shadow, Zoey, cuddled up there in the corner of the couch?  She’s so black that I can rarely capture her eyes in a photo.

Spring Gallery Wall

You can build a sofa table like mine too.  Another easy project!  Click HERE for the tutorial.

Fill a terrarium with faux greenery for easy spring decorating

The console table got some spring action with a jug filled with pussy willow branches and few colorful spring accessories.

Spring console table vignette

I love seeing the reflection of the gallery wall in the mirror.

Spring console table vignette

I know that I already shared my spring fireplace mantel and hearth with you, but I made a couple of small changes to it, so I wanted to share it again.

Spring fireplace mantel and hearth

Can you spot the difference?  I removed the basket from the hearth and placed the tulips in an oversized burlap tote.  It’s fun to think outside of the box when it comes to containers.

Spring fireplace mantel and hearth. Try displaying flowers or greenery in a tote instead of a basket or traditional container.

Now, let’s move on into the kitchen and breakfast area, which is one large room with the kitchen at one end and the breakfast area at the other.

Celebrating Spring With Farmhouse Florals

Click HERE to see the rest of the breakfast area.  And click HERE to see the before and after and the tutorials for the diy projects that I did during the makeover of this space.

All I needed to do to springify my kitchen was to visit the floral section of my local grocery store, where the Fuji Mums called my name.

Farmhouse style kitchen with spring touches

At $4 per bunch, they were such an affordable to way to decorate my kitchen for spring.  The Fuji Mums are long lasting and come in a wide variety of colors, but the vibrant green really spoke to me.  Green, black and white is one of my fave color combos.  So fresh!

Farmhouse style kitchen with spring touches

In case you’re visiting for the first time, you may not know that we’ve completely remodeled our new-to-us twenty year old home.  The major projects have all been completed and now I’m moving through and putting on the finishing touches room by room.  Our kitchen was a complete gut job and you can see the list of all of our resources HERE.

See the coffee station on the other side of the island?  

Farmhouse style kitchen with spring touches

I carried the mums over there too.  Just a touch of green in a cute black and white pitcher sure does brighten this spot.

Spring touches in a white farmhouse style kitchen

I get asked about the lidded container that I keep my Keurig pods in a ton.  I found mine at Micheal’s, but I don’t believe they sell them online.  You can get a similar one from Wayfair HERE (affiliate link, click HERE to see my full disclosure).  If they happen to be out of stock, they’ll email you when they’re available again.

Farmhouse style kitchen coffee station with spring touches

I don’t like things too fussy in my kitchen, so I only added a couple of vignettes to make it feel like spring.

Farmhouse style white kitchen with spring touches

Let’s finish up in the dining room.  We had to finish the planked wall before I could hang my vintage mantel shelf.  This was the absolute easiest planked wall ever!  If you want a planked wall installed in just one afternoon, click HERE to see how we did it.  

How To Get The Look Of Shiplap Without All Of The Hassel || Worthing Court

I decked the shelf out for spring with more dried hydrangeas, some faux greenery, a boxwood wreath and lots of texture.  Click HERE to see how you can make these Fixer Upper style hanging lanterns!

How To Get The Look Of Shiplap Without All Of The Hassel || Worthing Court

One of my favorite parts of the whole room is the chairs that we had reupholstered with gray and white buffalo check fabric!  

Farmhouse Dining Room Makeover - Martha Washington style chairs recovered with gray and white buffalo check fabric || Worthing Court


Farmhouse Dining Room Makeover - a mirror in a dark room adds a bit of light and relfect the pretty vignette across from it || Worthing Court
Thank you so much for coming by my house today!  What would you do if a magazine came knocking at your door one day?

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Until next time - Suzy

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