Floating shelves are becoming more and more popular lately, for many reasons. They add sleekness and elegance to a room, reduce clutter, and they can hold virtually anything if installed properly, from heavy books to lighter decor pieces. 

No matter what room you’re looking to add shelving in, you should consider floating shelves as your go-to option since they can fit in any style. Read on for some of the best types of floating shelves out there.

1.Line Up Two Simple and Sturdy Floating Shelves

Line Up Two Simple and Sturdy Floating Shelves
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These are some of the best floating shelves out there for their sheer simplicity. They don’t draw too much attention to themselves but they blend in to the wall and the rest of the decor. The two shelves are identical and have been spaced apart at the exact right height for the decor.

Although these floating shelves are thin, they can be quite sturdy if affixed to the right part of the wall.

2.Get a Heavy Duty Shelf That Doubles as Storage

Get a Heavy Duty Shelf That Doubles as Storage
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This is a strong floating shelf that’s thick enough to double as storage thanks to a handy pull out drawer. This sturdy wall shelf proves that you can have a floating shelf that supports a lot of weight on its surface and in the drawer.

It’s also a great choice for the hallway since it reduces clutter in an already narrow space, but handles everything you need close by.

3.Look for a Floating Shelf With a Lip

Look for a Floating Shelf With a Lip
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Another great choice for shelving is to look for a floating shelf with a lip, like these gorgeous wooden shelves from Wayfair. These can be esthetically pleasing but also have a secondary function of being handy and protecting your items on shelves

As you can see, the plants are safe from being knocked over and off the shelf thanks to the small lip at the front of the shelf.

4.Get Solid Wood Pine for Strong Floating Shelves

These are great floating shelves for the kitchen because the wood pine is sturdy and channels the farmhouse style of the kitchen. The black brackets add a nice contrast as well.

There are a lot of reasons to get floating shelves and many different styles to suit your room’s needs. I love this full guide by Architecture Restoration that breaks down everything you need to know about floating shelves.

5.Install Wire Floating Shelves for the Kitchen

Install Wire Floating Shelves for the Kitchen
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Another excellent option for floating shelves for the kitchen is these black wire shelves that are handy for storing jars and spices because of their basket shape. They’re shallow enough that they can be considered shelves but have some elements of hanging baskets.

The black wire shelving is excellent to see through and display your wares as a type of decor instead of just a functional look.

6.Get Glass for Floating Bathroom Shelves

Get Glass for Floating Bathroom Shelves
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These are some lovely glass bathroom floating shelves, which are excellent in smaller rooms like bathrooms because they keep the room looking light and bright. Glass floating shelves are also great for bathrooms due to the moisture in the air and the ease of cleaning them. 

These are also quite strong floating shelves thanks to the sturdy metal brackets holding up the thick glass panes.

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