The season of dining, gathering and entertaining (aka best season ever!) is upon us, which means it’s time to get your dining situation figured out. Whether you have a dedicated dining area or not, creating the perfect setting for hosting means finding what fits your style. That covers everything from what designs you like – from modern, to traditional to anything in between – to how you prefer to serve meals – at a table, at a bar, outside? With so many possibilities to choose from, we’ve narrowed it down to 6 that we’ve fallen head over heels for.

dining modern rustic

1 | Modern Rustic Dining

If you are drawn to raw, natural elements and clean, contemporary lines, you’ll love a set like this which blends the best of both modern and rustic styles. Solid pine and thick pine veneers showcase the beauty of the wood and its unique characteristics, while the designs themselves have a distinctly modern look. The result? A sleek yet rugged destination for any occasion.

dining counter height

2 | Counter Height Dining

This season can sometimes seem like one formal, stuffy affair after another (with oh-so-many forks and wine glasses), but you can counteract that fussiness with a dining set that reaches counter height. These lofty designs tend to feel more casual and approachable, allowing you and your guests to feel more relaxed and at ease, which is exactly what everyone needs.

dining mid-century

3 | Mid-Century Dining

Whether you live in a small space or prefer to keep your dining setting simple, a mid-century ensemble like this is styled and sized perfectly for you. The mid-century aesthetic is all about form and function, and designs like this excel at both so you can excel at other important matters, like hosting and serving an unforgettable meal.

dining farmhouse

4 | Farmhouse Dining

Fall and farmhouse dining go together like wine and cheese – they are just such a natural fit. Perhaps it’s the cozy charm that we associate with the season and the style, or maybe it’s their dual emphasis on togetherness. This darling dining set feels downhome yet dignified with those irresistible x-back chairs and dark, handsome finish, so it’ll create the ideal atmosphere for any get-together.

dining bar

5 | Bar Dining

You can really shake things up during this season’s gatherings by forgoing the dining room altogether in favor of a party-ready bar set-up. Seriously, who doesn’t have more fun when they’re bellied up to a bar? Whether you choose a standalone option with stools or just decide to have everyone dine at your existing kitchen or bar counter, there’s no denying that this casual-cool form of entertaining would be the highlight of the holidays.

dining outdoor

6 | Outdoor Dining

When you live in a temperate climate that doesn’t require you to hibernate all through fall and winter, why not celebrate by hosting your fêtes al fresco? It may not be scientifically proven, but we think dining outdoors makes even the most delicious dishes taste better. Serving your holiday favorites against the backdrop of your backyard is also a special way to share meals and memories.