Arranging wall art is the perfect way to create a focal point in a room. Wall art arrangements can relate to and enhance your interior theme while announcing your style and character. Choosing how to arrange your wall art design can quickly become overwhelming. So, how do you know what is best for your space? Keep reading to find out some top tips that will leave you knowing how to arrange your wall art like a pro.

Take It In And Play Around

Play Around

Take your time to plan exactly how you would like your arrangement to look, how many frames you would like, the color scheme, and if you would like different sizes. It can be difficult to visualize how all of the pieces will work together, so a good tip that will help you visualize a layout without the commitment is to lay them down on the floor. Play around with them and move them around until you find a sequence that you like.

Don’t Forget To Measure!

Forget To Measure

A good rule of thumb to remember is to leave at least 2 inches in between each frame. Depending on your desired look of the arrangement, you can always space them out more, but be careful not to place them too close together, as this can cause the imagery to merge and lower the noise.

Get Creative

Get Creative

Provide movement by alternating between vertical and horizontal wall art designs and combining smaller and larger pieces to create an abstract characterized gallery– almost like a life-size mood board expressing your character and style.

Take Wall Colour Into Consideration

Wall Colour

The color of the wall you choose to hang your wall art on is ultimately the backdrop for the artwork, so you need to make sure that the color of the wall and the colors within the artwork coerce in some way and complement each other.Tip – make sure that the art prints are the main focus; go for a wall that compliments the prints and does not overpower them.

Be Creative With Space

Creative With Space

Finding the suitable space to arrange your wall art may seem limited, so we have collated a list of unique places to hang your wall art to create the ultimate focal point in your interior.

  • Hallway – make a stylish first impression by using your hallway wall as an arrangement backdrop. Using a hallway to arrange your artwork will not only intrigue guests but set the tone of what’s to come.
  • Home Office – when we think of the home office, we tend to think of a grey room with a chair and a desk with a computer, dead and dull. But, a home office is a great place to arrange artwork. Home office artwork not only uplifts the walls, but it is also a great feature to look at when you are trying to find some inspiration.
  • Behind The Sofa – (No, we don’t mean at the back of the sofa!) The space behind a sofa usually goes unnoticed, not anymore! The area behind the sofa is a brilliant place to add a wall art arrangement and is an excellent opportunity to characterize your living room. Whether you go for an in-sync sequence of wall art or something a bit more abstract, this space is the perfect fit for wall art designs.

Create Interest

Create Interest

Staggering the alignment of your arranged wall art is a great way to draw the eye in. If you have more home decor on one side of the room, re-balance the space by adding a cluster of artwork to the right to regain focus and attention.Tip – synchronize the bottom line of the prints to keep them neat.

Mix And Match

Mix And Match

For a more maximalist interior and for those of us who are more of a ‘just go with it’ kind of person, a mix and match arrangement is probably the best for you. The idea behind this design is to go with what you like and what you think speaks volumes about your personality and interior, as your home is a showroom for your character. Keep an element of coordination and coherence within the art pieces but go wild and go with what you love.