One of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2019 was to re-do our bathroom and keep it clean above all else. So far, so good! Which leads me to moving on to making it a tad more cozy and decorated. So, naturally, I turned to Canva for an easy way to make myself some cute bathroom wall art!

My new wall sign is sitting pretty behind the toilet in my bathroom. It says “If your poo is cray, please use the spray.” Not only do I get a kick out of this sign, but is also a helpful reminder to keep the bathroom clean!

This wall art was SO easy to make. Canva really makes it easy to design graphics of all types, not just blog graphics like I use here on my blog! You can literally make anything like wall art, labels, stickers, agenda pages and more. You’ve probably heard me rave about Canva before, especially in the fall and during Christmas. That’s why I’ve partnered with Canva as a Canva Certified Creative!

I’ve been using Canva Pro for a while now and I love it! With Canva Pro, you are able to upload your own fonts, save your favorite color palettes, and get access to so many design elements like stock photos, illustrations, templates, and more.

I went with a black and white color scheme for my bathroom wall art because the walls and tiles in my bathroom are green, so I thought neutral would be better. It is literally only comprised of of four text boxes and a graphic. Anyone could make one!

If you want to make your own “If your poo is cray, please use the spray” bathroom wall art, then head on over to Canva and follow my instructions below:

  1. Open a blank 8×10 in. document
  2. Create 4 text boxes that say “If your poo is” “cray” “please use the” and “spray”
  3. For cray and spray, use the Amatic SC font in size 93.9.
  4. For the other two text boxes, user the Corben font in size 54.8.
  5. Center align all the text boxes in the upper two thirds of the document.
  6. Search for “air spray” under elements > graphics and add the fourth one to the document. Center it.
  7. For a neutral black and white graphic print, change all the colors to white and leave the black as is.

And that’s it! It’s that simple!

For more inspiration for home , check out some more blog posts. And let me know if you recreate your own “If your poo is cray, please use the spray” bathroom wall sign in the comments below! I’d love to see it!