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7 Tips on How to Hang Wall Art Like an Interior Design Pro

Have you ever walked into an art gallery and begun to melt like one of Dali’s clocks? Dance like a Keith Haring figure? Contemplate like Rodin’s thinker? Clasp your face and drop your jaw like Munch’s The Scream? Like most, we love art in the home. It’s a great way to capture your personality and creativity and […]

Sunflower Tapestry | Floral Sunshine for Your Walls

Sunflowers are a romantic and wonderful symbol of unconditional love, spiritual strength, and unwavering loyalty. Perhaps that is because of the majestic images of Sunflowers stretched toward the sky, with their vibrant yellow petals soaking up the summer sun. The way that sunflowers always appear to be facing the sun is also why many people […]

10 Interior Designers Share Their Best Advice That Applies to Any Square Footage

Few people in their 20s and even their 30s likely live in their “forever home.” (If you do, well done! I think we can all agree that moving is truly terrible.) And if you’re not living in a house or apartment that you’ll plan to live in for many years to come, you might find […]

The Experts Have Spoken: These Home Trends Will Dominate 2021

This year people have spent much more time at home than they may have in years past and that’s likely to continue well into next year. If you’ve been tempted to mix up the decor in your house, repaint walls, or tackle a major home project, you’re far from alone. But if you’re looking for […]

10 Marvelous Nautical Wall Decor Ideas

It’s hard to find a person, who doesn’t like to spend time by the ocean or sea. However, the majority of us don’t live by the ocean and don’t have an opportunity to spend much time there. That’s why, we try to create the impression of the sea or ocean at our homes. And nautical […]

How to Create Cute Shabby Chic Wall Decor: 4 Super Easy DIY Projects

Are you fond of shabby chic wall decor? Agree that it looks unforgettable. Such decorations often look vintage and have the signs of wear and tear, even if they are absolutely new. The feeling of antiqueness and weariness is the most important for shabby chic style. Though shabby chic decorations are usually used in eponymous […]

15 Awesome Dining Room Wall Decals

Who says you cannot add wall decals to a dining area? Well, a dining area doesn’t have to be boring. You can enhance its look in many ways. You can add a chandelier, a buffet table with some display, an accent wall and others. When you decide to add an accent wall, one inexpensive way […]

What Is the Best Wall Decor for Your Home?

Are you going to redecorate your home or just want to freshen it up with some cool decorations? If to talk about quick ways of adding charm to your home, wall decor is one of the best solutions. Its major plus is that it occupies little place but makes the room shine with new colors […]

11 Clever Small Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas and Accessories for Making the Space Look Bigger

Decoration of a small bathroom may be a real challenge. It’s necessary to arrange a great number of things in such a way that the space will look stylish and uncluttered. Moreover, it’s necessary to choose all the items with much care and every corner must be used in a clever way. However, you can […]

Popular White Tattoo Ink – Everything You Need To Know Before Getting It

Each year it seems tattoo artist are coming up with new designs and artwork that take tattooing to the next level. White tattoo ink allows these artists to showcase their skills, and if done correctly can produce some of the most incredible yet subtle body ink designs around. Before choosing your white ink, you need […]