Hanging Wall Art

The very first step in hanging wall art is choosing the proper placement for each piece. But when you’ve got a very large abstract canvas, or an odd-numbered stack of petite nautical prints, choosing where to hang what is often the most daunting task. So there you stare at a blank wall . . . Now what? […]


Here is all you need to know about choosing art for your living room. Living rooms are the core space in a home. It’s that one common square where all the other squares of the house overlap. Whatever be the style of your living room, formal, informal or semi-formal, its purpose is usually to socialize […]


When it comes to kitchen wall decor ideas, it’s important to find art, pictures, signs, accessories and decorations that really speak to you. And although most families lean towards functional rather than creative and unique when it comes to decorating the kitchen, the best kitchen wall art decor and designs can take your space to […]

How To Choose Wall Art For Your Home

Do you have a large blank wall in your home, but don’t know how to use it? Don’t look at this as a challenge, but instead look at it as an opportunity. Take advantage of this empty space and create something that is truly remarkable. Whether you want to hang a few simple pieces or […]


It doesn’t matter whether you live in a small city apartment or a sprawling country estate—or whether your personal style skews minimalist or maximalist—everyone is eventually confronted with the difficult decision of what to do with that large, windowless wall. Admittedly, many people have a complicated relationship with blank walls. Sometimes, a bare wall can feel refreshing—especially when a room […]

Bathroom Canvas Art 2021

Bathroom canvas art has lately become somewhat of a trend. But – there are a few things to consider before jumping on the bandwagon! People naturally want to exhibit their favorite photos in as many different places as possible – including the bathroom, the kitchen, even the sauna! However, going for less conventional spots also presents a […]

Ways of Displaying Your Image On Canvas Prints

There are four basic styles used to add canvas prints as decor to your home wall. Shape Single Canvases Wall Display Photo Splits – Canvas Collage 1. Shape:  Canvas prints can be customized in four different orientations; square, landscape, portrait, and panoramic. You have to be very specific when choosing the shape of the canvas […]

Where the kitchen wall art steals concerts

We often shop for artwork to fill out a gallery wall in the living room or create an eye-catching display in an entryway, but hanging art in the kitchen? It isn’t as common—or at least it didn’t seem as common until we saw the stunning spaces below. No matter your style, budget, or kitchen setup, […]


If you’re looking for kids wall decorating ideas to infuse some personality into your little ones’ bedrooms, you’ve come to the right place. No matter what type of design you’re seeking, you’ll find kids wall decorating ideas sure to inspire big dreams. You’ll see your kid making some big changes during their teenage years. They’ll be exploring their identity […]


There’s no better layering piece than the tried and true hoodie. Every girl has one in their wardrobe, and it’s not hard to see why. Hoodies for women are cosy, comfy and come in so many styles – it’s impossible to pick just one! If you’re looking for a fresh full zip, plush pullover, or […]