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Canvas Framing: 4 Things You Need To Know

Adding a frame to an otherwise unadorned canvas increases its wall-worthiness. It shows that you genuinely value whatever is on it, whether it’s a treasured family photo or an artwork that you received as a gift from someone close to your heart. They’re a fantastic way to showcase some of your most treasured memories and […]

How To Arrange Wall Art Like A Pro

Arranging wall art is the perfect way to create a focal point in a room. Wall art arrangements can relate to and enhance your interior theme while announcing your style and character. Choosing how to arrange your wall art design can quickly become overwhelming. So, how do you know what is best for your space? Keep reading […]

Best 6 Floating Shelves for Your Home in 2021

Floating shelves are becoming more and more popular lately, for many reasons. They add sleekness and elegance to a room, reduce clutter, and they can hold virtually anything if installed properly, from heavy books to lighter decor pieces.  No matter what room you’re looking to add shelving in, you should consider floating shelves as your […]

Ideas For Wall Decor Above The Couch

If your home’s layout has you pushing your couch up against a wall, that means there’s probably a big blank space over the couch. A giant bare space can make a room look unfinished, so it’s helpful to have something hanging up there to even things out.  You can go big with your above the […]

10 Clever Hallway Decor Ideas

Just because the hall isn’t a “room” in the traditional sense, doesn’t mean it should be neglected. Your corridor is the first thing guests see when they arrive, so it sets the tone for the rest of your home. You want to create a space that speaks to your design sensibility, while being functional and welcoming. Sounds […]

Creating a Gallery Wall

Need a place for your favorite family photos (instead of in a box or stuck on your phone)? A gallery wall is a perfect place for them, along with other wall art and decor. Creating a gallery wall doesn’t have to be difficult. Just follow some of these simple guidelines to create a unique focal […]

5 Wall Art Collections for Meditation Spaces Inside the House

When you’re creating a place of tranquility and serenity, you don’t need to dedicate an entire room. You need to get the vibe right, though. So here are a couple of our wall art collections for meditation spaces to complete what you’re going for. Meditation places range from small spaces to entire rooms, of course. […]

3 Objects You Need to Create a Zen Bathroom

Whenever you think of Zen, what immediately comes to mind is a calm, meditative, and relaxing place composed largely of harmonious environments. It’s a place to quiet your mind and rejuvenate your physical body. Combine that with the functions of a bathroom, and you can totally achieve your own spa. That’s why today, let’s talk about […]

Dining Room Art Inspiration: 5 Wall Art Ideas for a Dining Room

Wall art ideas for a dining room are endless. Because it’s the second most communal room in the entire house, you have technically have more creative leeway to do unexpected things when it comes to wall decor. From mirrors to wall art to suggested wallpapers, here’s five lovely wall art ideas for a dining room […]

Buy Canvas Wall Art with Confidence if You Follow this 5 Golden Rules

Top 5 things to look for when you buy canvas wall art online We heard too many stories about how some of our customers shared their experiences in shopping poor quality canvas online. That’s right! Quality may vary from shop to shop. How can we be sure that the art piece you are going to […]