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Tattoo Tips: What You Need To Know Before Getting A Tattoo

Thinking about getting a tattoo? To help you make the right decision and potentially save you from unnecessary trouble, we came up with this article about what you need to know before tattooing. 1, Are you brave enough?It doesn’t mean the courage that you won’t be afraid of being against, regret getting a tattoo or worry […]

How to choose a tattoo kit for yourself?

If you know what a tattoo kit is, you must know some tattoo kits have 2 tattoo machines and many other tattoo supplies, some have 3 tattoo machines, some have only 1 tattoo machine. So what kind of tattoo kits are better for you? The quality of tattoo machines is almost the same no matter what tattoo kits […]

This Tattoo Trend Is Popular for More Than One Reason

Temporary tattoos, long the domain of children seeking a splash of smeared color at parties and carnivals, are not just for kids anymore. Adults who want an edgy look without commitment, pain, or high price of permanent tattoos are flocking to temporary version, which have dramatically increased in quality lately. According to CNBC, design-minded mom and […]

15 Non-Cheesy Temporary Tattoos Every Grown Woman Will Love

Tattoos are having a moment right now—tiny ones, Prince-inspired ones, concert-swag ones. But for some of us less-adventurous ladies, they’re not an option. That doesn’t mean we can’t get into the tattoo game though. With the latest fun, totally temporary options, there’s no pain—and all gain . If you work hard, play hard…There’s no better way to say it. If […]

Career in Tattooing Field

The art of tattooing is gaining large popularity these days and the options have exploded. It is not a simple art form and requires exquisite skills and provision to perform it on a person’s body. There are various reasons why a person would want to get a tattoo done. Some do it for the pleasure […]

Tattoo, a Means of Inspiration

The tattoo culture has been fast catching up and it has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. The younger generation is completely in awe of this culture and we find an increasing number of individuals getting a pretty design on their body in the form of a tattoo. Each one has […]

Unprofessional Tattoo Artist Can Put You in Trouble

Looking for a tattoo artist? Wondering how to get one who will address all your needs and get you the tattoo of your desire. Well! As easy as it may sound, the task of finding a good artist is not easy. But of course, it isn’t impossible either. All you need is to get going in […]

Does Your Tattoo Artist Have Amazing Control Over Tattoo Tools

Tattoo Is an Art That Requires Precision While getting a tattoo you may not associate much importance to the tools used, but for an artist, it is of paramount importance as this is what needs to be mastered if you want to excel in the world of tattoo art. This is not like regular art which […]