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Going For Colored Tattoo? Things to Remember…

Looking stunningly good with colored tattoo is easy. But, do you know that there are certain important things that you should be aware of when you are going for a colored tattoo. These important things will help you look super-cool and help you maintain your colored tattoo for a long time. It is true that […]

How To Fix A Right Spot For Tattoo Art?

You know that tattoos make you look super-cool, different from the crowd and hence you to flaunt them. But, do you know the right spot for placing it? To determine the right spot is a difficult task indeed. But, if you know the place, your tattoo can look very best and can highlight your physique […]

Is Your Tattoo Fading? Tips To Maintain It

Finally, the design that you may be craving to have on your body is decided and you have found the right place to spot it. But what would happen if that super-cool tattoo boosting your self-confidence begins to fade? You need to know how to maintain your tattoo for long so that it heals well […]

Things To Do To Maintain Tattoo In Different Seasons

You think any season is good enough to get tattooed and flaunt your style with pride. You are mistaken. If you need to choose one season to get it placed on your body it has to be winter. It is harder to maintain your tattoo during the summer month due to harsh summer rays and […]

Tattoos for Women – Choosing the Right Tattoo Design and Size

Introduction Tattoos are a medium of expression, and for many stylishly inked women, tattoos are a symbol of the freedom and liberation they experience in life. Women generally prefer tattoo designs that signify their achievements, their personal or professional choices, or how they overcame a life battle. Some women choose to cover mastectomy scars, burns, […]

Lahhel and his Baron Noir Tattoo in Bordeaux

Lahhel left Paris, and a career as an art director, in order to dedicate himself to his greatest passion: tattoo. He moved to Bordeaux, a city he loves, to open Baron Noir Tattoo Studio. Let’s find out more about his choices, work and style – which he defines as “Architectural” but also “Ornamental, Graphic, Blackwork, […]

Top Hat Tattoos: its symbology and famous people who wore one

Bringing to mind dandies and conjurer’s tricks, this is a hat (from which rabbits have been know to spring) that is the perfect accessory for any character, real or imaginary The top hat is a tall flat-crowned hat for gentlemen with a wide brim and a band in a dark colour. It was the height of male […]

What Will Your Tattoos Look Like When You’re Old?

Thomas Hardy once said, “Time changes everything except something within us which is always surprised by change.” It’s an appropriate comment when you’re thinking about what will happen to your tattoos as you age, because time will inevitably change our bodies, and subsequently our tattoos, and we’re sure to be surprised by that change whether […]

8 Awesome Chrysler Building Tattoos

When it comes to architecture tattoos, few are more popular than the Chrysler building tattoo. With it’s sleek art deco facade, the Chrysler building is one of the most recognizable buildings in the world. Take a look at this amazing collection of Chrysler building ink. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.