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Our Best Small-Space Decorating Advice

You can live large, even if your apartment is less than 1,000 square feet. Small-space living is all about finding the optimal mix of textures and patterns to keep things visually compelling without creating clutter. Sheepskin atop sisal, gleaming brass atop raw wood: Mixing rather than matching textures gives petite spaces sophistication and depth. Read on […]

Make Moody Blues Work for You

Sky blue, royal blue, baby blue, cornflower blue… There are said to be more than 200 shades of blue—the result of light waves between 450 and 495 nanometers long—recognizable by the human eye. While blue is all but ubiquitous in design, the moodiest of blues have often been snubbed in favor of sunnier, simpler shades.  […]

Thinking Fall

Comfortable and elegant. Earthy and sophisticated. This autumn, we want it all. And inspired by Southwestern allure and Southern charm, we’re bringing it all to your home. The James Accent Chair is classic in design, but the coppery upholstery is straight out of the Southwestern palette. Ditto the ocher hue of the streamlined velvet Shiloh Swivel Stools. As a result, they elevate […]

These 10 Black-and-White Décor Ideas Are Simple Yet Striking

igh-contrast but low risk, it’s hard to go wrong with a modern black-and-white room. The payoff far outweighs the stakes, and black-and-white décor is easy to pull off, easy to update, and easy on the eyes. From modern farmhouse to midcentury modern, loud prints to small flourishes, you can interpret the two-note scheme a billion ways. Simple yet […]

The Surprising Vintage Design Trends Creeping Back Into Our Homes

As much as design is always evolving, there are some things that stay the same—or at least come back every few decades. The hallmark of good design is those everlasting pieces and ideas that, even if they go out of vogue, inevitably work their way back into our homes in fresh and interesting new ways. […]

5 Ways to Decorate With Vintage Ladders

When a ladder is no longer safe to climb, it used to be forgotten about and exposed to the elements. In recent years, savvy homeowners have been repurposing these unused wooden gems into some fun home decor projects. One tried-and-true way to add rustic appeal to your home is to decorate with ladders. A worn-out vintage ladder […]

Tips to Beautify Any Room in Your Home

There’s just something about a beautiful room, like this one from Cortney Bishop Design, that makes us never want to leave the house. A lot of choices go into creating a beautiful home, but there are a few tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of every room in your house. A […]

Creating a Kid-Friendly Living Room

Remember that formal living room in your house growing up? It was only used on special occasions. And, under NO circumstances were you to sit on the couch, or even look at the couch. We love the idea of a sophisticated adult space, but let’s get serious, who has the room, or desire, to banish […]

Guide to Staging Your Home

There have been countless articles written in the past 18 months on whether you should sell your home and things to consider should you decide to. But while most of those discuss financing and negotiating, very few touch on how your home’s appearance can make or break a sale. This is where staging, the practice […]

Guide to Open Concept Living

Love it or hate it, open-concept living is here to stay. Even though who embrace living with a minimum of walls and doors, however, can find decorating an open floor plan to be challenging. That’s why we tapped our expert interior designers to help us figure out exactly where to put things and how to create a cohesive […]