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Woodland Art?!?

Woodland Art, also known as Legend Painting or Medicine Painting, is a distinct style of Native art that blends traditional legends and myths with contemporary mediums. It explores the relationships between people, animals, and plants and is rich with spiritual imagery and symbolism. What does Woodland Art look like? With its bright colours, bold lines […]

Wall Art Ideas for Your Space

The best way to fill a space you love is with memories that mean something. Photos of past travels, big milestones, celebrations, and even just your candid every day make any house feel more like home. Before you fill your bare walls with photo art or framed prints, take time to plan your display. To […]

Cute and Unique Valentines Card Ideas

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for lovers to exchange the most beautiful Valentine’s Day cards. So, what if you need a text idea for Valentine’s Day? Find inspiration among these texts, ideal for writing them on a Valentine’s Day card. On February 14, lovers surprise each other with gifts. Handing over a Valentine’s Day card with […]

4 Designer Tricks to Make Affordable Art Look Luxe

Whether you have a mix of posters, prints, or photographs, a few small tricks can make your collection look like a set of artist originals. Here, four ways to give everyday art an upgrade. 1. Create a gallery Hang art together for added interest. To start, space out a few of your larger frames – hanging one […]

4 Secrets To Successfully Decorating a Tiny House And Making It Work For You

Congratulations, you’ve finally taken the leap and bought a tiny home! Now all that’s left to do is decorate it. Decorating a tiny house is not difficult. However, there are a few unique considerations to keep in mind. We’ve laid them out below. Read them over to learn how to create a tiny home that’s […]

7 Easy Ways to Update Your Restaurant’s Decor

The restaurant industry has changed drastically over the past few decades, and there are new trends and styles that are constantly changing and evolving. Many restaurants find themselves with outdated decor because they’re unable to keep up with changing tastes. Restaurant owners may also be overwhelmed or intimidated by costly, time-consuming, and large renovation projects. […]