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Woodland Art?!?

Woodland Art, also known as Legend Painting or Medicine Painting, is a distinct style of Native art that blends traditional legends and myths with contemporary mediums. It explores the relationships between people, animals, and plants and is rich with spiritual imagery and symbolism. What does Woodland Art look like? With its bright colours, bold lines […]


When it comes to kitchen wall decor ideas, it’s important to find art, pictures, signs, accessories and decorations that really speak to you. And although most families lean towards functional rather than creative and unique when it comes to decorating the kitchen, the best kitchen wall art decor and designs can take your space to […]

Ideas for office hanging paintings for each department

1. Painting for the CEO department The director room is the workplace of the company’s CEO. That is why the paintings of the director’s room need to show the luxury and class. The composition of pictures must ensure overall harmony. In which, with the director’s office, you can choose from many pictures on the topic. […]

How to Decorate a Large Wall

When you find yourself wondering how to decorate a large wall, know that you aren’t alone. And if you’re eager to fill the space with something other than art, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for our favorite ideas for how to fill a blank wall. 1. Tell Time If you have an […]

7 Easy Ways to Update Your Restaurant’s Decor

The restaurant industry has changed drastically over the past few decades, and there are new trends and styles that are constantly changing and evolving. Many restaurants find themselves with outdated decor because they’re unable to keep up with changing tastes. Restaurant owners may also be overwhelmed or intimidated by costly, time-consuming, and large renovation projects. […]

10 Tips How to Decorate Your Living Room

We realize how important it is to set our places of living in the coziest and most creative way. As our achievements, mood, and productivity highly depend on what we surround ourselves with, it’s necessary to pay attention to our design interior. However, the most difficult part is to decide what to start with. Don’t […]


There’s no doubt about it, choosing the right photo to print onto canvas is no easy task! Once you’ve chosen the image(s) you want, the biggest choice you’ll need to make is between having it printed in glorious technicolor or whether to go for a more understated black and white style – take a look […]